UNLV has long been on a trajectory for achieving Top Tier status. The Top Tier Initiative is under the direction of President Marta Meana, and the Top Tier Tier Executive Committee:


During fall 2014, the president's office appointed two campus committees to assess what it needs to do over the next several years. During summer 2015, the president appointed chairs for each goal area, and these chairs worked with the leadership team to form committees. In summer 2016, committee chairs appointed steering committee members, and these members have formed numerous subcommittees and working groups to focus on their areas of action.

Core Theme/Pathway Goal Chairs

Student Achievement

Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Academic Health Center

  • Ron Brown, Integrated Health Sciences Dean
  • *Marcia Ditmyer - facilitator, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Assessment, and Instruction

Community Partnerships

  • Kyle Kaalberg, Executive Director, Strategy and Strategic Initiatives
  • Zach Miles, Associate Vice President for Economic Development and Tech Transfer

Infrastructure and Shared Governance

Charge for Each Committee

  • Determine how to tackle the tasks and issues present within their goal area, based on the Top Tier vision, goals, key measures of success, and strategies.
  • Define precisely what can be accomplished over the next year and what needs to happen over a several year period.
  • Determine strategies for the long term.
  • Prepare mid-year and final reports.