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Rebel Ready Week

Get ready to be a Rebel!


We're kicking off your college experience with Rebel Ready Week! We'll welcome you to campus the week before the start of the fall semester with an exciting program designed to help you learn more about UNLV, including our support services, resources, and how to find opportunities to help you reach your academic and personal goals. We want to set you up for success. And don't worry — the event is free and there will be plenty of activities and sessions where you can have fun and meet fellow Rebels! Oh, and we’ve got swag!

All incoming first-year students are required to attend Rebel Ready Week. You’ll be assigned to a group that will be paired with a Rebel Ready Week Leader. Together you'll participate in small and large group sessions featuring activities, opportunities to meet new people, some keynote speakers, and various workshops. Throughout the week, you'll also have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions on topics that interest you. 


Registration information will be coming soon!