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The UNLV Fostering Scholars Program is a campus and community support network with dedicated programming to support individuals who have experienced foster care. The UNLV Fostering Scholars program strives to support college students who have previously experienced foster care during their transition to university life and throughout their time at UNLV. This program, modeled after other successful national programs, is the first of its kind in the state of Nevada. The Fostering Scholars Program draws together resources from across the institution, the local community, Clark County, and the state of Nevada to address the educational, social, emotional, physical, and financial needs of UNLV students. It is through enhancing our student’s sense of both independence and connectedness, retention and graduation rates of participants will improve. UNLV Fostering Scholars’ goal is to ensure students with a history of foster care involvement have the skills and tools necessary to transform their university experience into a meaningful career which will last a lifetime.

Contact Information

Heather Richardson
Fostering Scholars Program Coordinator
SU 302P

Help Support Fostering Scholars

Please help us assist former foster youth to become Rebels and achieve the dream of a college education by emailing heather.richardson@unlv.edu or fosteringscholars@unlv.edu for ways to support our UNLV Fostering Scholars. There are many different ways in which you can support our students!