Internships are designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the practice of public health. By working alongside experienced public health professionals in a variety of agencies and organizations to address current public health problems, students gain valuable experience and begin to develop the applied skills crucial to their success as a public health professional. The internship also provides students with the opportunity to network with public health professionals and gain perspective on the profession from people outside of the academic setting.

For many students, the internship is their first opportunity to work in the field of public health outside the classroom. For students with work experience in public health, the internship offers an opportunity to learn about an area with which they are not familiar and develop new skills.


MPH Students (in the EOH, EAB, and SBH concentrations)
Brian Labus

MPH Students (in the HCAP concentration)
Kurt Houser

B.S. Students
Charles Regin