The School of Community Health Sciences (SCHS), formerly known as the School of Public Health, was established in 2004 and is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people worldwide. Our departments, programs, and research units work to provide a diverse education, practical training experience, and numerous community involvement opportunities to prepare students to become leaders and professionals in the field of Public Health.

The mission of the School of Community Health Sciences (SCHS) is to advance the science of public health, improve the health and quality of life of people in our communities, and work to eliminate health disparities in Nevada, the nation, and the world by providing leadership in quality education, research, and service. This mission statement also serves as the mission for the MPH and other SCHS degree programs.

Our vision is to be a vibrant center of excellence for public health teaching, research, and community action and to be a magnet for state, national, and international students.

We are Public Health

The School of Community Health Sciences is committed to preparing students to meet the critical need for public health professionals in Nevada, the nation, and the world. We provide excellent academic programs with a variety of areas for concentration and the opportunity for applied research.

SCHS students and faculty come from diverse backgrounds and represent a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary academic and research interests. We foster a collegial and supportive environment in which students work closely with faculty, staff, practitioners, and other students. The quality of our educational programs reflects our deep commitment to our students.

Our Core Values

  • The practice of public health should strive to advance and safeguard the health of populations, especially the most vulnerable, which includes children, the elderly, the economically disadvantaged, and minority and marginalized populations.
  • Faculty, staff, and students should uphold the highest principles of ethics and scientific and academic conduct, should cultivate curiosity, and should respect all individual rights.
  • A multidisciplinary approach in public health is vital to addressing health challenges.
  • Achieving social justice should be a recognized element in furthering public health.
  • Public health programs should include students, faculty, and staff with diverse backgrounds.
  • Public health education programs should combine quality classroom experience with applied field practice.