Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy (NICRP)

The Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy (NICRP) looks out for Nevada’s children. The mission is to conduct academic and community-based research that will guide the development of policies, programs, and services that will enhance the health and well-being of Nevada’s children. The Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy (NICRP) is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving the lives of children through research, advocacy, and other specialized services.

Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA)

The Center for Health Information Analysis (CHIA) is contracted by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Healthcare Financing and Policy (DHCFP). CHIA collects certain billing record fields from all hospital inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory surgical centers. The center serves the community by making specific Nevada health-care-related data and reports available to both the private and public sectors.

Center for Health Disparities Research (CHDR)

The mission of the CHDR is to create health equities from health disparities through leadership, advocacy, education, research, capacity building, collaboration, community engagement, evaluation, communication, cultural competence, and partnership. CHDR is very interested in engaging community partners in order to address issues related to health disparities in Nevada and throughout the United States. The CHDR publishes the Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, an electronic peer-reviewed journal presenting research to guide the development of evidence-based solutions for reducing and eliminating health disparities.