Certificate in Public Health Program

What Is the Duration of the Program?

You will be able to complete this Certificate in 2 semesters if you are a full-time student taking 9 credits per semester.

What Courses Will I Be Taking?

EOH 710/HED 710 — Fundamentals of Public Health

This course introduces students to public health concepts and practice. It provides a broad overview of the field of public health and a focused look at core areas of health promotion and education, environmental health, epidemiology and biostatistics, and health care administration in the public health arena.

EOH 740 — Fundamentals of Environmental Health

This course will address chemical, physical and biological factors in the environment and their relationship to the health of the human population.

EAB 705 — Epidemiology and Public Health

Explore principles related to the distribution and causality of disease. Focuses on etiology, prevention and control of communicable and chronic human disease. Participants are trained in basic epidemiological methodology, featuring case-series, case-control, experimental and cohort study designs.

HCA 701 — U.S. Health Care System: Programs and Policies

HCA 701 examines the manpower, financing and major service components of the US health care system. It addresses major issues of health care access, costs, and quality of care. There is a special emphasis on the role of government regulation and public policy in the system.

HED 720 — Program Planning and Grant Writing in Health Promotion

This course focuses on the principles of program planning based on assessing individual and community needs and techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of health promotion programs. It is also designed to analyze the process to obtain fiscal resources through grants, contracts, and other internal and external sources.

EAB 703 — Biostatistical Methods for the Health Sciences

EAB 703 is designed to provide a foundation in biostatistics for graduate students in the health sciences. Topics include probability, distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, simple and multiple regression, vital statistics, and nonparametric methods.

What are the Program Fees?

Tuition and fees are established by the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents. The cost of the program will be the current UNLV tuition and fee rates for 18 graduate-level academic units. Please visit UNLV Cashiering for a more information and access to a tuition estimator.

How do I Apply?

Please visit the Admissions page for more information about the application process to our program.