Administer Physical Inventory

The university is required by Board of Regents Policy to make a periodic count of all University equipment valued $5,000 or more, all items listed on the sensitive equipment list and all items tagged at the department’s request making them sensitive equipment. Property Control is responsible for assuring compliance in this area.

The inventory system maintained by the Property Control Department is the official university record of fixed assets. Accuracy of the information depends on the responsible departments to execute and report accurate and compliant physical counts.

To maintain an accurate inventory list, the responsible department should attempt to update all equipment changes as they occur (i.e., location). Updates are to be recorded in Assetworks by the department’s trained representative.

Property Control will provide all departments a list of currently assigned assets. Departments will then conduct a physical inventory and return an updated copy to Property Control.

Departments are required to complete physical inventories on a timely basis using the appropriate forms to update item status.

In order to encourage compliance to NSHE Regent Policy, Property Control will make three requests within 90 days in writing to departments to conduct the required annual physical inventory.

Non-compliance and failure to comply after the third request has been made will be forwarded to the Dean of the College, Provost Office, and Campus Audit.

Barcode New Assets

All capital assets and sensitive equipment that meet the threshold requirements are required to be recorded and barcoded.

Positive identification of all capitalized assets or sensitive equipment is accomplished by the permanent affixing of small vinyl barcode tags to each item of equipment. The identification tags will be durable, and corrosion-resistant, with a self-adhesive backing. Each tag will have a unique, printed identification number.

If such an asset is delivered to a department without being recorded and barcoded, the Property Control office can meet with you to barcode new equipment. You can process an electronic request for a barcode using a request for barcode form.

Change Equipment Location

If a department wants to move equipment (floor-to-floor, building-to-building, etc.), they must submit an equipment/asset move form, through AssetWorks. Personnel must have completed AssetWorks training in order to submit an Equipment/Asset Move.

  1. Visit the AssetWorks website
  2. On the next screen, the log-in is your ACE credentials

Check Out Assets to Be Used Off Campus

If a department wishes to authorize the check-out an asset to be used off premises, they must use the "Check-In/Out" application found in AssetWorks.

Visit the AssetWorks website and gain access by logging-in with your ACE credentials. Personnel must have completed AssetWorks training.

  • In the top menu bar select Check-In/Out.
  • Reference the Check In/Out Instruction Sheet.
  • When Checking-Out an asset, set the return due date (the default due date is one year from Check-Out). The asset must be Checked-In prior to due date expiration. Note: If an extension is required, it may be immediately Checked-Out again as approved by the relevant SUP-ORG.
  • Assets not Checked-In by due date are designated “Past Due” and must be addressed by the SUP-ORG issuing the “Check-Out.”

Disposal Of Assets – Surplus Transfer

All disposals of all UNLV capitalized assets, equipment, and other miscellaneous purchased items are required to be coordinated through Property Control by department heads. It is the responsibility of department heads to communicate to Property Control any special disposal circumstances as dictated by grants or other applicable authority.

  • Obsolescence, absence of a need or in un-repairable condition:
  • Lost or missing assets or equipment should be reported to Property Control:
    • Explanatory letter to Property Control []:
      • What are the circumstances for the lost item?
      • What procedure or safeguard will be implemented to stop future incidents of equipment in the future?
      • If the item was purchased from federal funds, please notify the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and provide the missing asset information along with documentation of the fair market value so that OSP can notify the sponsoring agency, if necessary.
      • How long has this item been lost?
    • Property Control will administer the AssetWorks disposal to remove items from your departmental inventory.
  • Stolen assets or equipment should be submitted to Property Control:
    • If the theft occurred on-campus, contact the campus police and obtain a report.
    • If the theft occurred off-campus, contact the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction and obtain a report.
    • To accompany the police report, prepare an explanatory letter containing all pertinent details, signed by the responsible person, department head, dean or division head.
    • Contact Property Control [] to submit the Police Report and explanatory letter.
    • Property Control will administer the AssetWorks disposal to remove items from your departmental inventory.
    • Also, contact Michael Means, in the Risk Management & Safety Office at 702-895-5735, for insurance purposes.
  • When university equipment is lost, stolen, destroyed, or missing through any other cause, the Department Head should request relief from responsibility for that equipment within 10 days by contacting Property Control.
  • An employee may be held responsible for the value of any item of equipment lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed through his/her negligence.

Transfer Asset Ownership to Another Department

By mutual consent, one department may transfer equipment to another department. If both departments are under the same division this can be accomplished by changing the equipment to the new department code by submitting an Equipment/Asset Move, through AssetWorks.

  1. Visit the AssetWorks website
  2. On the next screen, the log-in is your ACE credentials

If the departments are not under the same division, an email to with the following information is required:

  • Equipment description with the asset number
  • Gaining department
  • Gaining department Chair/Dean
  • Gaining department contact, with phone number
  • New building and room location for the equipment