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General Information

Equipment Use

University equipment is to be used solely for university activities or for those approved and sponsored by the university. The loan of equipment to employees for personal use is expressly prohibited.

Bar Coding Identification

Positive identification of all capitalized assets or sensitive equipment is accomplished by the permanent affixing of small vinyl barcode tags to each item of equipment. The identification tags will be durable, and corrosion-resistant, with a self-adhesive backing. Each tag will have a unique, printed identification number.

  • Shadow Lane Campus is identified by a 2.Dxxxxx identification tag
  • General Service Administration (GSA) equipment is identified by a 2.Nxxxxx identification tag.
  • Equipment for the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) is identified by 2.NHxxxx identification tag.
  • Grants or research equipment is identified by a 2.Gxxxxx identification tag

Typical Exceptions Include

  • Equipment packaged in a manner whereby Property Control personnel are unable to access the equipment (merchandise in wooden crates, merchandise sealed in bolted cartons, etc.).
  • Capital equipment set up as a lot purchase or equipment sent as part of a larger system.
  • Special request by department, vendor, or sales representative, not to open or disturb packing. The department must notify Property Control when the asset or equipment is delivered, set up, and available for barcode tagging and recording.

Request For Barcoding

  • If a capitalized asset or sensitive equipment is delivered to a department without being recorded or barcoded, the department should contact Property Control, or;
  • The Department may complete a request for barcoding form.


Betterments are expenditures that improve or enhance an asset’s value. Betterments are recorded against the existing Property Control identification barcode number.

Untagged Assets or Equipment

Identification tags will not be affixed to carpets, drapes, paintings, portraits, specimens, collections, films, mattresses, and items of extremely small size, or items which would be defaced by the attachment of a tag. Items in this category will be assigned a Property Control number and will be accounted for in the same manner as bar coded items.

Also, any piece of equipment that is purchased by the university and is considered to be “Installed Equipment” will not be inventoried. Installed equipment is recognized as a fixture and is considered to be firmly and permanently connected to the floor, wall, ceiling, or roof of a building.

Transfer of Equipment

Refer to information under SERVICES tab.

Changes In Equipment Location

Refer to information under SERVICES tab.

Equipment Loans

The loan of equipment for business use to employees or individuals who are affiliated with UNLV is available to complement the work processes and goals of the university.

The loan of equipment to not-for-profit and non-political entities may be made if it is determined to be in the best interest of the institution and the public good.

  • All loans must be documented in writing.
  • An Equipment Loan Agreement (ELA) must be completed to ensure proper accountability.


Direct acquisition of equipment by a department through donation should be reported in writing by the UNLV Foundation Department. The report from the Foundation should include estimated fair market value of the donated equipment. This will be reported as “Unit Cost”, and the report should include the name and address of the donor (to insure proper recognition of the gift), and the building and room number of the donated equipment’s present location.


Equipment related to externally sponsored grants or research is subject to the property control procedures and other relevant control procedures prescribed by the external sponsors.

Effective July 1, 2008, all new sponsored grants or research equipment will be identified by a 2.Gxxxxx identification tag. Any movement of this type of equipment should be approved in advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Raffles and Gifts


When a department would like to set up a raffle, drawing, etc., to stimulate interest in a program, an item can be used as a prize.

The Department Head must review, authorize, and submit a Property Release Form (which includes the completion of Non-Cash Giveaway form for Accounts Payable to ensure the proper IRS forms have been completed as required).



Annual Equipment Inventories

Refer to information under SERVICES tab, “Administer Physical Inventory.”


It is the responsibility of each department head to reconcile a shortage of missing assets, or equipment not found, upon discovery or during a physical inventory.

Assets, equipment, or items that cannot be located, after an exhaustive search, must be listed on the official shortage list by the university department and written off as “Lost.”

The Department Head is responsible for final accounting of items of equipment not found on inventory.


Refer to information under SERVICES tab


  • University equipment may be traded in when purchasing new equipment.
  • Department Heads should report any equipment traded in to Property Control.
  • Never attempt to transfer an existing tag to new equipment.
  • University policy requires supporting documentation from vendors be attached to the equipment traded in.
  • Documentation for both the equipment being traded in and the equipment being traded for are required. Required documentation for equipment being traded in includes:
    • Property Control Tag Number, cost of equipment, description and trade in value received.
    • Required documentation for equipment being traded for includes: purchase order number, cost of equipment being purchased, and description.
    • Equipment being traded in will remain on active inventory and the department will retain responsibility for the equipment until all documentation is complete.

Loss, Theft, Destruction, Other Causes

When university equipment is lost, stolen, destroyed, or missing through any other cause, the Department Head should request relief from responsibility for that equipment within 10 days.

An employee may be held responsible for the value of any item of equipment lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed through his/her negligence.

For Lost items, additional information will be required and included in the explanatory letter.

  • What are the circumstances for the lost item?
  • What procedure or safeguard will be implemented to stop future incidents of equipment in the future?
  • If the item was purchased from federal funds, please notify the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and provide the missing asset information along with documentation of the fair market value so that OSP can notify the sponsoring agency, if necessary.
  • How long has this item been lost?
  • If a theft occurred on-campus, contact the campus police and obtain a report.
  • If a theft occurred off-campus, contact the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction and obtain a report. To accompany the police report, prepare an explanatory letter containing all pertinent details, signed by the responsible person, department head, dean or division head.
  • Submit an Equipment/Asset Move through AssetWorks. In the Equipment /Asset Move, request the stolen asset be removed from the department’s inventory and include the police report number.
  • Also, contact Michael Means, in the Risk Management & Safety Office at 702-895-5735 for insurance purposes.

Personal Property

Any person bringing personal property onto university premises retains sole responsibility for such personal property. The university is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of non-university property.


The purchase of equipment from outside vendors is made in accordance with the university’s standardized purchasing procedures.

The Purchasing Department has made available the assigned use of credit cards to assist the purchasing process for the campus community.

Surplus Center

UNLV’s Surplus Center is responsible for disposing of, reselling, or auctioning UNLV assets or equipment as a means of fully utilizing an item’s value.

UNLV Foundation/Gifts-in-Kind

The UNLV Foundation Department is responsible for any direct acquisition of equipment by a department through donation. The UNLV Foundation requires the appropriate documentation to support the transaction.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs serves as the principal point of contact for individuals seeking and/or managing external funding for research, scholarship, and creative activities. It acknowledges and supports the efforts of faculty in seeking and utilizing external funding on behalf of their own professional interests and on behalf of the university’s mission.

Asset Type and Useful Life

AV10 Audio Visual Equipment E 10 SL
BF10 Building Fixtures F 10 SL
BL40 Buildings B 40 SL
DH6 Data Handling E 06 SL
GI25 General Infrastructure G 25 SL
IM10 Improvements Other Than Building I 25 SL
IS6 Information Systems Computers I 25 SL
LB5 Library Books & Media M 05 SL
LD00 Land L    
OE10 Office Equipment/Furniture E 10 SL
OS10 Service Center Equipment 10YR E 10 SL
OS3 Service Center Equipment 3YR E 03 SL
OS6 Service Center Equipment 6YR E 06 SL
OT00 Equipment Non-Depreciated X    
OT10 Equipment Other Than Office E 10 SL
OT6 Information System Accessory E 06 SL
PP11 Printing/Publishing E 11 SL
RT6 Radio/TV Broadcasting E 06 SL
SC15 Stone & Clay Manufacturing E 15 SL
VB18 Vessels/Boats/Water Transportation E 18 SL
VB9 Busses E 09 SL
VF6 Heavy Trucks/Sweepers/Forklifts E 06 SL
VH3 Automobiles/Vans/Taxis E 03 SL
VH4 Light Trucks/Tractors/Trencher E 04 SL
VM6 Motor Pool Vehicles E 06 SL
VT6 Trailers E 06 SL

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