Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Title 4 – Codification of Board Policy Statements

  • Chapter 10, Section 26, Paragraphs:
    • 12. Disposal of Surplus Equipment The Chancellor shall establish procedures concerning the disposal of surplus equipment.
    • 13. Equipment Inventory The Chancellor shall establish procedures concerning the inventory of equipment. (B/R 6/22)

NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual

  • Chapter 1, Section 2: Property, Subsection 9:

Equipment Inventory (formerly CM 01-03):

Title 4, Chapter 10, of the Board of Regents Handbook provides that equipment that exceeds certain cost thresholds is required to be inventoried by each NSHE institution. (UNLV: acquisition price of $5,000 and above is deemed Capital Equipment and each is registered as a Business Asset in Workday, tagged and tracked in the asset management system by Property Control on behalf of departments.)

The following items must also be inventoried by the institution regardless of acquisition cost. (UNLV: referred to as Sensitive Equipment, each is registered as a Business Asset in Workday, tagged and tracked in the asset management system by Property Control on behalf of departments.)

  1. Firearms
  2. Computers: i.e. desktop, servers, laptop

Institutions that wish to inventory additional items within the aforementioned definition may do so at their discretion.

(UNLV: the Computer category above shall include data retaining smart devices such as tablets & cellular phones.)

      1. Equipment is anything tangible, other than real property, with a value equal to or more than an amount determined by the respective Purchasing Department.
      2. Each department has custodial responsibility for all equipment within its jurisdiction. Each department is also responsible for reporting all additions, deletions, and material changes in condition of equipment within their unit, to the respective Purchasing Department.
      3. The respective Purchasing Department, through its Fixed Assets Section, is responsible for maintaining and reporting records of equipment inventories. The Purchasing Department is responsible for establishing and monitoring control procedures, ensuring that purchase acquisitions of inventorial equipment are properly recorded and recording equipment disposals.
      4. Deans, directors and department heads are responsible, within their area, for reconciling annual physical inventories with periodic or special Purchasing Department reports. The accuracy of such reconciliations shall be documented by signed certification.
      5. Loans of equipment to not-for-profit and non-political entities may be made if it is determined to be in the best interest of the institution and the public good. All loans must be documented in writing, including which entity is responsible for maintenance, and approved by the president. Each president shall submit to the Chancellor annually a list of loaned equipment.
      6. All equipment located at off-campus sites and used for institutional programs must be inventoried and maintained in the same manner as equipment on campus. If the institution does not control the site, written agreements must be in place with the organization that owns or controls the site.
  • Chapter 1, Section 2: Property, Subsection 8:

Disposal of Surplus Equipment

  1. Departments having surplus equipment will notify their respective (UNLV: Property Control/Surplus) Department of intent to dispose of said equipment.
  2. The department and (UNLV: Property Control/Surplus) will jointly arrive at a "fair market value" and establish a minimum acceptable bid for the equipment.
  3. (UNLV: Property Control/Surplus) will circulate to all departments in the business center a notice of surplus equipment which shall include a description of the equipment, a statement of its conditions, the minimum acceptable bid, the location of the equipment, and a deadline for acceptance of bids. Included in the notice will be listed only those items, which in the opinion of the Purchasing Department and releasing department, are in good usable or economically repairable condition and in the best interest of the institution to retain for campus use.
  4. Bids will be accepted and equipment will be purchased by the department submitting the highest bid. Department accounts will be charged accordingly.
  5. A "Furniture and Equipment Pool" will be established by each campus whereby usable Items may be placed in the pool for future disposal.
  6. Any remaining equipment not purchased following the above procedure will be disposed of by advertising for sealed bids, open auction, or by whatever manner is most advantageous to the (UNLV: Property Control/Surplus) Department but governmental or other political subdivisions shall be given preference. Thereafter, the (UNLV: Property Control/Surplus) Department will consider disposal by discard or donation.