Bar code and magnifying glass


Property Control is responsible for the recording, identification, and accountability of all university-owned movable equipment items.

What We Do

  1. Administer the registration, bar-code tagging, and tracking of UNLV equipment in two categories:
    • Equipment having an original acquisition cost of $5,000 or greater, which is designated in UNLV's Workday system as a tracked, capitalized asset, and;
    • All sensitive equipment, regardless of cost, which are designated in UNLV's Workday system as tracked, expensed items. Sensitive equipment includes computers, tablets, laptops, cell phones, drones, firearms, and tasers, etc.
  2. Oversee the administration of the annual physical inventory by Departments/Supervisory Organizations (SUP-ORGs).
  3. Dispose of all university equipment/property via Property Control's subsidiary unit, the UNLV Surplus Center, whether by repurposing, sale or otherwise.

Working With Departments

As departments procure equipment via UNLV Purchasing Department procedures, Property Control registers such equipment that is deemed "trackable" within Workday, then works with departments to track the movement and status of such assets using the AssetWorks platform (which integrates with Workday).

The dean or department head of each UNLV Supervisory Organization shall name a staff member to:

  • Be trained to use the AssetWorks system
  • Maintain up-to-date equipment information/movement therein
  • Coordinate with Property Control for administrative processes
  • Conduct the annual physical inventory in accordance with Property Control procedure