Content Guidelines and Policies


Messages must be submitted by 2 p.m. the workday before they are to be published to allow for review and editing. Delays may occur for messages:

  • With incomplete or unclear information
  • When related to research studies 
  • When related to an event that has not yet be put into the UNLV Calendar


To be included in UNLV Today, submissions must:

  • Be sponsored by an academic or administrative unit, or by an officially sanctioned faculty, staff, or student organization.
  • Be related to university business.
  • Be intended for faculty and staff. For messages targeting students, use the RAVE/SEND systems.
  • Provide contact information.

Messages will not be published in UNLV Today when content:

  • Is not consistent with existing university policies governing conduct of members of the university community (e.g., political and religious policy, sexual harassment).
  • Is of purely personal nature, such as classified advertisements or other solicitations for personal projects.
  • Requests the transmission of credit card information or other sensitive data.


  • Appropriate: A save-the-date for a professor's appearance in a local book festival; an announcement inviting the campus community to an off-campus walk-a-thon sponsored by an official student group.  
  • Not appropriate: An announcement about an employee's side business for accounting services; an estate sale classified ad; a walk-a-thon not sponsored by a UNLV organization.

Recurring Messages: Messages (for example, repeated calls for volunteers) should be submitted no more than three times total and no more frequently than a week apart. This policy ensures content in UNLV Today remains fresh and relevant to readers. Please plan your postings accordingly. (See Event Announcements below.)

Research Studies: Messages looking for research subjects must be approved by the Office of Research Integrity (702-895-2794) prior to distribution.

Surplus: If you are getting rid of an item from your office that may benefit other departments, contact Surplus Sales at 702-895-5384 or email

Event Announcements

Events must be submitted to the UNLV Master Calendar first. This is the official listing for campus event announcements. UNLV Today automatically pulls from this calendar to publicize events on the day of the event. Therefore, do not submit a UNLV Today announcement on the day of the event.

To promote your event in advance, you can submit a "Save-the-Date" announcement to UNLV Today. You must include a link to the Master Calendar listing. Save-the-Date/reminder announcements can be submitted three times. We recommend sending a Save-the-Date message about a month before the event and again 4-7 days preceding the event.

Editing Content

Submitted messages are put into a queue for editorial review. Messages will be edited for grammar, clarity, and consistency with the UNLV editorial style guide, and to comply with the content guidelines. A confirmation email will be sent to the submitter showing the message was approved. If rejected, an email will be sent to the submitter with an explanation.

Questions or Corrections to Submitted Items

Contact UNLV Today editor Diane Russell at or 702-895-0894. You can also contact another member of the News Center team.