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The Department of Psychology offers students a broad foundation in fundamental psychological concepts. We also provide opportunities for students to take specialty courses and be involved in research and various applied settings. Our curriculum meets the needs of students intending to pursue advanced training in psychology, education, medicine, or other related fields.

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The longtime psychologist opens up about groundbreaking research on inner experience and why the award was a surprise.

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News highlights starring UNLV students and faculty who made local and national headlines.

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UNLV study finds binge drinking is disproportionately more common among sports bettors than non-gamblers or those who don't wager on sports.

Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
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Faculty respond to the mental health crisis with multiple programs focused on addressing the shortages and challenges in Nevada on April 5.

Spring Flowers (Becca Schwartz)
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A roundup of the top news stories featuring UNLV students and faculty.

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The class of 2023 offers inspiration for current Rebels on how to make the most of the journey from student to alumnus.

Psychology In The News


It’s the question every parent worries about – dreads, even. ‘Where do babies come from?” And tempting as it can be to blame the ‘aul stork once again, experts all agree that this is not the way to go about things when your kids get to an age where they start to wonder about these things.

Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas may seem like a magical place to the 41 million people that visit each year, but most of us understand that it’s great people who make that magic happen, every day and night, around the clock, 52 weeks each year.


We honor our moms on Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday. The history of that day is interesting. A few years after it was founded in 1908, the woman who started it all wanted it eliminated. Instead of a rallying cry for moms, she was angered that it had been commercialized by greeting card, flower and candy industries. Today, no one protests Mother’s Day. But as the social status of women has grown, women are still trying to attain equal status in the workplace, in wages, politics and more.


The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) plans to reclassify marijuana to a Schedule III controlled substance from Schedule I. This shift would not only recognize the drug’s medicinal uses, but also acknowledge that it has less potential for abuse.


The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) plans to reclassify marijuana to a Schedule III controlled substance from Schedule I. This shift would not only recognize the drug’s medicinal uses, but also acknowledge that it has less potential for abuse.


You might feel sweaty, breathless and exhausted after a workout — but chances are that burst of activity has also left you feeling pretty great too. Beyond building muscle, burning calories, improving flexibility and all the other physical benefits associated with exercise, working out also has a profound effect on your mental health thanks to the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins that can help reduce stress, improve your mood (and sleep!) and contribute to a host of other positives for your overall well-being.

Psychology Experts

An expert on first-generation students, educational psychology, the impact of technology on wellbeing.
An expert in memory, reading, and thinking processes.
An expert in auditory, language, and musical research.
An expert in family behavior therapy, mental health, and sport performance.
An expert on child psychology, anxiety, and school absenteeism
An expert in clinical psychology, psychopathy, emotions and personality traits.

Recent Psychology Accomplishments

Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper, "Impulsivity and diverse forms of sports wagering in the U.S.: An examination of the UPPS-P model," in Addictive Behaviors. 
Joel Snyder (Psychology), Erin Hannon (Psychology), and Reyna Gordon (Vanderbilt University) published an article titled, "Theoretical and empirical advances in understanding musical rhythm, beat and metre," in Nature Reviews Psychology.
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper, "The short version of the Sexual Distress Scale (SDS-3): Measurement invariance across countries, gender identities, and sexual orientations," in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. 
Doctorate student Richard "Rich" Chang (Psychological & Brain Sciences) and Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt (Psychology) presented "Examining Critical Consciousness as a Mediator for the Relationship Between Racial Trauma & Intraminority Solidarity Among BIPOC College Students" as part of a symposium at the Association of Asian American…
Doctoral student Richard "Rich" Chang (Psychological & Brain Sciences) and colleagues presented and led a roundtable discussion, "Using Participatory Action Research to Mentor Students and Establish a Pathway to the Professoriate," at the Association of Asian American Studies Conference in Seattle, Washington, on April 27.…
Gillian Gottlieb, Lisa Menegatos (Honors), Brenna Renn (Psychology), with Corrin Sullivan, Dale Netski and Kavita Batra (all Medicine) presented a poster of their study, "The Mental Health Impact Among College Students in the Post-COVID-19 Phase" at the Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research Symposium held at UNLV.  Gottlieb is graduating this…