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The psychology department provides a broad foundation in psychology, with further specialty courses and opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research and various applied settings. The curriculum meets the needs of students intending to pursue advanced training in psychology, education, medicine, or related fields.

Current Psychology News

A woman in a flower print shirt stands in front of a row of computers
People | November 8, 2019

Honors College Alumna of the Year and faculty member Noelle Lefforge is a four-time alumna of the university.

A woman sits at a desk in a dark room
Campus News | November 7, 2019

MGM College Opportunity Program at UNLV offers a flexible and affordable way for the company's employees to complete their degrees.

Portrait of Dr. Michelle Paul, psychologist and director of The PRACTICE Mental Health Clinic  at UNLV.
Business and Community | November 4, 2019

UNLV psychologist Dr. Michelle Paul shares practical ways to put the hope back in the holiday season.

People preparing to cut ribbon on new Fertitta Complex
Campus News | November 1, 2019

A collection of local, national, and international news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.

A woman in a karate gi kicks.
People | September 5, 2019

Amber Williams, a martial artist set to earn her doctorate in psychology at 23, studies stereotypes and breaks them. Here's how she got to UNLV.

Business and Community | August 11, 2019

UNLV helps students overcome their math anxiety.

Psychology In The News

Medical News
November 5, 2019

Charlie Brown might have said it best as he opined to his pal, Linus: "Christmas is coming, but I'm not happy. I don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel."

November 5, 2019

Charlie Brown might have said it best as he opined to his pal, Linus: “Christmas is coming, but I'm not happy. I don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel.”

Fast Company
October 28, 2019

Last month, a number of female writers, producers, and assistants started using the hashtag #NotWorthLess to share their experiences being paid less than their male counterparts. Amid the many tweets, Fox’s Family Guy writer Patrick Meighan posted a message of his own, calling for men in the entertainment industry to take a more active stand in fighting for equality.

The Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast
October 23, 2019

The pressures of modern youth sports are creating stress related mental health issues in young athletes. But there’s a non-traditional way of addressing this stress. That’s what we learned during our interview with Bradley Donohue, a psychology professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), and director of The Optimum Performance Program in Sports (TOPPS), a mental health program for athletes.

Las Vegas Review Journal
October 3, 2019

An athlete looking to get faster or stronger might spend time in the gym or working on their skills with a coach.

October 1, 2019

UNLV professor offers advice for those grieving over One October.

Psychology Experts

An expert in psychology.
An expert in adolescent development and gender development, particularly as it relates to career choice.
An expert in inclusion of and rights for students with disabilities.
An expert in memory, reading, and thinking processes.
An expert in child development. 
An expert in clinical psychology, psychopathy, emotions and personality traits.

Recent Psychology Accomplishments

November 12, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper, Posting Sexually Explicit Images or Videos of Oneself Online Is Associated With Impulsivity and Hypersexuality but Not Measures of Psychopathology in a Sample of US Veterans, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
November 5, 2019
Jennifer L. Rennels and Andrea J. Kayl (Psychology) published "Infants and Adults Represent Faces Differently" in the journal, Developmental Psychology. Infants typically have predominant experience with women and this research showed infants formed mental representations of faces that were weighted toward the most frequently seen faces — they...
October 23, 2019
Tiffiany Howard (Political Science), Brach Poston (Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences), and Stephen D. Benning (Psychology) have published a paper on the neurocognitive process of radicalization given individual exposure to digital extremist propaganda. "The Neurocognitive Process of Digital Radicalization: A Theoretical Model and Analytical...
October 22, 2019
Shane W. Kraus (Psychology) and his colleagues recently published a paper, "It All Adds Up: Addressing the Roles of Cumulative Traumatic Experiences on Military Veterans," in the Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect.
October 22, 2019
Christopher Kearney (Psychology) recently presented a keynote address at the inaugural conference of the International Network for School Attendance in Oslo, Norway.  The address, "A Bird's-Eye View of School Attendance and Absenteeism: Moving from Fragmentation to Reconstruction," involved a comprehensive overview of school attendance and its...
October 18, 2019
Nathan Higgins, Breanne Yerkes, Karli Nave, and Joel Snyder (all Psychology), along with former post-doctoral psychology fellows David Little and Abin Kuruvilla-Mathew, as well as Mounya Elhilali, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, have published a paper on the neural basis of auditory consciousness titled "Neural Correlates of Perceptual...