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Department of Psychology News

The psychology department provides a broad foundation in psychology, with further specialty courses and opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research and various applied settings. The curriculum meets the needs of students intending to pursue advanced training in psychology, education, medicine, or related fields.

Current Psychology News

UNLV professor Matthew Lachniet works in his lab on campus.
People | December 27, 2019

A collection of stories highlighting UNLV faculty and students who made the news in 2019.

UNLV students in red caps/gowns hugging at commencement
Campus News | December 17, 2019

UNLV president Marta Meana will highlight four graduating students at commencement who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the Class of 2019.

football players look up at fireworks display
Campus News | December 2, 2019

A collection of local, national, and international news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.

A woman in a flower print shirt stands in front of a row of computers
People | November 8, 2019

Honors College Alumna of the Year and faculty member Noelle Lefforge is a four-time alumna of the university.

A woman sits at a desk in a dark room
Campus News | November 7, 2019

MGM College Opportunity Program at UNLV offers a flexible and affordable way for the company's employees to complete their degrees.

Portrait of Dr. Michelle Paul, psychologist and director of The PRACTICE Mental Health Clinic  at UNLV.
Business and Community | November 4, 2019

UNLV psychologist Dr. Michelle Paul shares practical ways to put the hope back in the holiday season.

Psychology In The News

Smart Parenting
January 6, 2020

You know your toddler is ready for school when he shows any of the following: social skills, independence, and emotional maturity.

The Daily Wire
January 3, 2020

Keeping in line with the modern trend of democratizing tradition, two Florida newlyweds decided on whose surname the other would take through the simple flip of a coin; lo and behold, the bride won the day.

La Silla Rota
December 27, 2019

Men give a wedding ring to signal that he can take care of his partner financially.

Practical Pain Management
December 23, 2019

Seeing a professional therapist may not be possible for everyone, but you can learn certain behavioral strategies on your own and apply them to your pain management plan.

Las Vegas Review Journal
December 19, 2019

Colin DeFrate thought he had a headache.

The Seattle Times
December 19, 2019

When I proposed to my partner, Greg, I couldn’t get down on one knee because I was floating.

Psychology Experts

An expert in adolescent development and gender development, particularly as it relates to career choice.
An expert in memory, reading, and thinking processes.
An expert in inclusion of and rights for students with disabilities.
An expert in psychology.
An expert on child psychology, bipolar disorder, depression, and irritability.
An expert in child development. 

Recent Psychology Accomplishments

January 13, 2020
Shane Kraus and Repairer Etuk (both Psychology) recently published a paper, Current Pharmacotherapy for Gambling Disorder: a Systematic Review, in Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy. Etuk is a graduate student.
December 17, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues published a paper, "A Systematic Review of Gambling-related Findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions," in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions. 
December 9, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues published a paper, Compulsive Sexual Behavior and Dysregulation of Emotion, in Sexual Medicine Reviews. 
November 25, 2019
Renato "Rainier" M. Liboro (Psychology) recently published an open-access, peer-reviewed journal article, "Utilizing the Community-based Research Approach to Examine Mental Health and Support Services Issues Related to HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder" in the HIV and AIDS Review. This research article highlights the value of utilizing...
November 12, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper, Posting Sexually Explicit Images or Videos of Oneself Online Is Associated With Impulsivity and Hypersexuality but Not Measures of Psychopathology in a Sample of US Veterans, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
November 5, 2019
Jennifer L. Rennels and Andrea J. Kayl (Psychology) published "Infants and Adults Represent Faces Differently" in the journal, Developmental Psychology. Infants typically have predominant experience with women and this research showed infants formed mental representations of faces that were weighted toward the most frequently seen faces — they...