Accomplishments: Department of Psychology

October 22, 2021
Tiange Xu (Hospitality) received a $3,000 research stipend award from UNLV's International Gaming Institute and the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling for his research study examining problem gambling and mental health disorders in Nevadan university students. His mentors for the project are Brett Abarbanel (International Gaming Institute) and Shane Kraus (Psychology). These funds were provided by the Nevada department of public and behavioral Hhalth to encourage scholars from Nevada to...
October 20, 2021
Anthony King (Psychology) received a $3,000 research stipend award from UNLV's International Gaming Institute and the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling for his research related to problem gambling amongst Nevadan college students. These funds were provided by the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health to encourage scholars from Nevada to contribute to the field of problem gambling.
October 13, 2021
Madina Kamolova (Management Information Systems), Jessica Habashy, Kaelyn Griffin, Bailey Way, and Shane Kraus (all Psychology) will be presenting at the annual meeting of Society of Advancement of Sexual Health in Seattle Oct. 14-17.  Graduate students from the Behavioral Addictions Lab will present three posters: 1) "Oh God yes: the relationships between religious trauma, religiosity, and sexual behavior among university students;" 2) An examination of the association between problematic...
October 4, 2021
Renato (Rainier) M. Liboro, Jenna Despres, Brandon Ranuschio, Sherry Bell, and Lianne Barnes (all Psychology) of the CHAMPION Mental Health research lab, published their article, "Forging Resilience to HIV/AIDS: Personal Strengths of Middle-aged and Older Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men Living With HIV/AIDS," in the American Journal of Men's Health.  This new open access, peer-reviewed journal article of their research team presents a distinct part of the findings and...
September 27, 2021
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper "International Sex Survey: Study protocol of a large, cross-cultural collaborative study in 45 countries" in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.
September 22, 2021
Nathan C. Higgins, Ambar G. Monjaras, Breanne D. Yerkes, David F. Little, Jessica E. Nave-Blodgett, Mounya Elhilali, and Joel S. Snyder (all Psychology) published a new paper titled "Resetting of Auditory and Visual Segregation Occurs After Transient Stimuli of the Same Modality" in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.  All authors except Snyder and Elhilali are current or past trainees in Snyder's Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, and part of the data reported formed Monjaras' UNLV...
September 21, 2021
Brenna Renn (Psychology) published a manuscript, "Collaborative Care for Depression Yields Similar Improvement among Older and Younger Rural Adults" in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. This study analyzed depression outcomes from 3,722 primary care patients enrolled in a demonstration of collaborative care managment and found comparable clinical outcomes for older and younger patients, despite older adults being no less challenging to treat. This work was done in conjunction with...
September 20, 2021
Renato (Rainier) M. Liboro, Brandon Ranuschio, Sherry Bell, Lianne Barnes (all Psychology) and research assistants from the CHAMPION Mental Health research lab, along with academic colleagues and community partners from Toronto, recently published their article, "Mitigating risks and building resilience to HIV/AIDS: Perspectives of HIV-negative, middle-aged and older men who have sex with men," in the Community Psychology in Global Perspective journal. This latest peer-reviewed journal article...
September 17, 2021
Kaelyn R. Griffin, Bailey M. Way, and Shane W. Kraus (all Psychology) recently published a paper "Controversies and Clinical Recommendations for the Treatment of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder" as part of a special issues in Current Addictions Report. 
September 17, 2021
Repairer Etuk, Jessica Habashy, Kimberly Stevens, and Shane W. Kraus (all Psychology), and Kristen M. Culbert of Wayne State University, presented their poster "Body Dissatisfaction Mediates the Relationship Between Problematic Pornography Use and Disordered Eating Behavior in Men and Women" on Sept. 17 at the annual meeting of the Eating Disorders Research Society.  
September 14, 2021
Simon Gottschaik (Sociology) and Celene Fuller (Sociology) published a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Symbolic Interaction titled: “De-realization and Infra-humanization: A Theory of Symbolic Interaction with Digital Technologies.” The authors suggest that interactions with digital technologies impose a series of adjustments that compromise users’ capacity to grasp social reality correctly and their ability to engage the full humanity of those with whom they interact. In concert, de-...
September 13, 2021
Aldo M. Barrita (Psychology) was elected as the student representative chair 2022-23 for the National Latinx Psychological Association.