Michelle G. Paul

Executive Director, UNLV PRACTICE: A Community Mental Health Clinic
Associate Director of Clinical Training, UNLV Department of Psychology Ph.D. Program
Professor In Residence, UNLV Department of Psychology
Expertise: General mental health, diagnosis, treatment in children and adults, Nevada's mental health crisis, Training/workforce development in mental and behavioral health


Michelle Paul is the executive director of UNLV PRACTICE, an interdisciplinary mental health clinic that offers services to campus and community members. She’s also the liaison between the UNLV psychology department and broader community in service of promoting mental health and training the next-generation workforce to address the growing and urgent need to address mental health. 
A practicing psychologist in the Las Vegas community since 1999, Paul joined the university's psychology department in 2004 and serves a a professor and associate director of clinical training for doctoral students. She teaches clinical courses, provides clinical supervision, and oversees practicum training assignments, including UNLV PRACTICE.
Additionally, her work includes conducting psychological assessments of attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities and other neurodevelopmental or acquired emotional, and cognitive and behavioral impairments in children and adults. 
Paul is an active member of the Nevada Psychological Association, through which she has held a number of leadership positions and received several awards for advocacy and excellence in her field. In 2011, she was appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval to serve as a member of the Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners. She served eight years, including three as president. Today, she serves on the board of directors for the national Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards as liaison to the education and training community.



  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Vermont, 1997

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Michelle G. Paul In The News

Vegas PBS
September is Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide has long been a problem in Nevada.
Even in years without a global pandemic, catastrophic weather events, and other 2020 phenomena, many people find the holidays stressful, exhausting, or depressing. According to the American Psychological Association, 44% of women and 33% of men surveyed feel stressed during the holidays. The holiday blues strike people experiencing the forced joyfulness and expectations of the season.
Risk Management
COVID-19 has upended the way we work. Many are working from home, stressed and attempting to juggle a range of personal and professional responsibilities, leading to an increase in anxiety, depression and burnout. To ensure that companies and their employees are performing optimally—not just existing—during this time, leaders must address the mental health challenges that employees are facing.
Las Vegas Review Journal
At a time when we are battered by cruel statistics on infections, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, one set of numbers, at least on the surface, provides a ray of hope in the time of coronavirus.

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