Samantha Coogan

Program Director, Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics
Lecturer, Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences
Expertise: Diet, Human nutrition, Food science, Lifecycle nutrition, Community nutrition, Food & ethnic issues


Samantha Coogan is the director of UNLV's Didactic Program in Nutrition & Dietetics and past president of the Nevada Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Coogan teaches human nutrition, sports nutrition, nutrition, health and ethnic issues, food science, nutrition assessment, medical nutrition therapy, and pathophysiology courses for UNLV's Nutrition Sciences undergraduate program. She has also served as the UNLV football team's nutrition coordinator.

A registered dietitian nutritionist since 2014, Coogan is a fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a member of the Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors practice group.

She is frequently called upon by national media including Healthline, Women's Health Magazine, and Wallethub.


  • M.S., Exercise Physiology, UNLV
  • B.S., Nutrition Sciences, UNLV

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Samantha Coogan In The News

Women's Health
Diet trends go in and out of style, but intermittent fasting has been a buzzy diet among celebs for a while. Plenty of people swear by the health and weight loss benefits. Still, even the same weight-loss method can work differently from person to person, you may be wondering whether there is a best way to do intermittent fasting for women and get the most out of your efforts.
A new study that is being presented this week at the American College of Cardiology Middle East 2022 Together With the 13th Emirates Cardiac Society Congress, reports that eating more refined grains was linked with a greater risk for premature coronary artery disease (PCAD).
According to a new study published this month in the Journal of Affective Disorders, vegetarians experienced depressive episodes twice as often as those who ate meat.
Morning Chalk Up
Head to any workout supplement store and you will likely see a whole section devoted to this supplement–brightly colored, snazzy cans promising things like “pump,” “maximizing volume” and “increasing power output.” Athletes have made creatine a benchmark staple, a daily add to their list of nutritional intake, but the question remains, just what is creatine?

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