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Campus News | September 28, 2012
Refill your own water bottles for free while reducing waste on campus at the new filtered water fountains on campus.
Research | September 26, 2012
UNLV-led research team ties spike in ancient oceanic oxygen levels to earliest animal biodiversity; findings reported in Sept. 27 issue of journal Nature.
Research | July 31, 2012
A collection of news stories profiling UNLV faculty and administrators who make our community better.
Research | July 16, 2012
A collection of stories featuring interesting discoveries driven by UNLV that have made news in 2012.
Research | May 18, 2012
Boaters encouraged to follow a three-step process to properly decontaminate boats.
Research | May 8, 2012
A new species of scorpions nearly squirmed past a couple of UNLV graduate students. The story behind the Death Valley arthropod's discovery.
Research | May 10, 2011
A team of UNLV and UNR researchers have devised a new model for how Nevada’s gold deposits formed, which may help in exploration efforts for new gold deposits.
Business and Community | April 13, 2011
UNLV collaborates with community partners to inspect and fix homes, making them safe and improving the living conditions of local residents.
Research | November 30, 2010
Study shows hazards in synthetic turf poses health risk to kids.
Research | November 12, 2010
A study by UNLV ecologist Scott Abella shows that full recovery of desert ecosystems after a wildfire can take up to 65 years.
Brian Hedlund outside with equipment
Research | September 3, 2010
Microbiologist Brian Hedlund goes prospecting in Nevada's hot springs for new sources of clean energy.
Research | April 15, 2010
When alumnus Jim Holland finished his thesis, "climate change" was far from being coined. Thirty years later, the work has been dusted off to help researchers predict the evolution of Southern Nevada's desert ecosystem.