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Pat Mulroy
Campus News | March 30, 2015
Leading authority on public policy issues related to water, natural resources joins Boyd and its Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution; Mulroy also holds appointments with Desert Research Institute and Brookings Institution.
Business and Community | April 25, 2014
Journalism professor Julian Kilker has been documenting the historic ranch, which was once home to Clara Bow and Rex Bell. It's part of a project to preserve ecological, cultural, and educational resources.
Research | February 27, 2014
Meteor smack downs, volcanic calderas, and mountain pulses — Geologist Steve Rowland explains some of the catastrophic events the created the geology and biology of our beautiful state.
Research | February 6, 2014
The state’s seemingly barren land is filled with bizarre mammals — at least for now. Mammalogist Brett Riddle lists off his favorites.
Research | June 18, 2013
Fixing gourmet meals in an ultra-energy-efficient home requires careful consideration of kitchen appliances.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Business and Community | December 19, 2012
Free program allows residents to turn Christmas trees into mulch starting Dec. 26.
UNLV professor emeritus Wesley E. Niles
UNLV History | November 19, 2012
Carefully preserved in UNLV's Wes Niles Herbarium is the history of Southern Nevada through its plants.
People | November 13, 2012
To discover what's happening with the bighorn sheep population, David Choate must track cougars in the National Desert Wildlife Refuge.
People | November 9, 2012
Rotting food, old toilets, and remnants of residence hall move-out are treasures to Tara Pike-Nordstrom.
Campus News | September 28, 2012
Rebel Recycling Coordinator gives advice on how to live sustainably on campus. Just last year her efforts helped UNLV collect 719 tons of recycled materials
Campus News | September 28, 2012
Refill your own water bottles for free while reducing waste on campus at the new filtered water fountains on campus.
Research | September 26, 2012
UNLV-led research team ties spike in ancient oceanic oxygen levels to earliest animal biodiversity; findings reported in Sept. 27 issue of journal Nature.