Frank van Breukelen

Professor, School of Life Sciences
Expertise: Hibernation, Evolution, Biochemical adaptation, Physiology, Cellular biology, Pupfish


Frank van Breukelen is an associate professor of biological sciences in the UNLV School of Life Sciences. 

Since joining UNLV in 2002, van Breukelen has explored biochemical and molecular approaches to understand what allows animals to survive in extreme environments. Most notably, van Breukelen and his team have tackled projects involving small rodent hibernation and adaptation of the pupfish within the Death Valley region.

In addition to research, van Breukelen teaching courses on subjects including mammalian, cellular, and environmental physiology; biochemical adaptations; and bioenergetics.


  • Ph.D., Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • B.S., Animal Science, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

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Frank van Breukelen In The News

September 9, 2021
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August 19, 2020
Despite being located in the hot and dry Mojave Desert, Nevada is home to 52 fish species found nowhere else in the world.
May 26, 2019
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January 10, 2019
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