Benjamin Burroughs

Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Studies
Expertise: Emerging media, media industries, digital journalism, social media


Benjamin Burroughs is an assistant professor of emerging media. He researches streaming media and technology, media industries, digital media, sports media, social media, and digital journalism. His work has been published in journals such as New Media and SocietyJournal of Broadcasting and Electronic MediaInternational Journal of Sport Communication, and Games and Culture


  • Ph.D., University of Iowa
  • M.A., London School of Economics
  • M.A., University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism

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Benjamin Burroughs In The News

Ever find yourself inexplicably sucked into (another!) video of social media influencer downing a massive feast of 100 different kinds of shrimp? You can't scroll past. And before you know it, you're craving crustaceans, making reservations at that new seafood restaurant, and searching for recipes.
Listin Diario
If you had to choose a movie image to remember this 2022, it would be the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock on Oscar night, an incident that continues to give rise to talk and that has come to eclipse other key moments in the history of these awards.
The 4.0 era has begun, the keyword virtual Influencer is no longer strange to the public. However, in Vietnam , the "characters" have just entered the field and are in the process of integrating with Vietnamese netizens .
Wall Street Journal
The easily understood ‘exit velocity’ metric helps drive fans’ conversations, even if it isn’t always a useful predictor of success

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