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The Activist-Scholar: Desire Galvez

At UNLV, the Las Vegas native found a welcoming community. Now she hopes to recreate the positive learning environment she experienced.

Editor's Note

: Desire Galvez is one of the students we're featuring as we celebrate spring 2018 commencement. Join us in congratulating our newest alumni in social media with #UNLVGrad. Full ceremony on the commencement website.

Choosing a Major

After struggling to settle down and find a major that spoke to my goals and values, I took feminist theory. This was the first upper level women studies course I had taken. I read the book "This Bridge Called My Back," an feminist anthology, and for the first time in my life I felt like my experiences were being seen and validated. The professor was extremely supportive and excited about connecting with us and I knew then this was the right major for me.

Memorable Moment

The moments in the classroom where I see my peers feel heard and understood, and we bond and connect by sharing our stories. It is in those moments of theorizing and talking through readings and work of other theorists that we see how important it is for us, folks of marginalized backgrounds, to be in academic spaces.

Biggest Challenge

As a first generation, bi-lingual, Latinx person with disabilities, it has been a major struggle to understand the higher educational system. It has not been easy to learn how to ask for accommodations and support. … As I am finally closing out my time at UNLV, I am proud of myself for getting this far and still encouraging myself to keep going.

Big Goal

I would like to create the environments I had at UNLV in terms of the learning spaces I had. I was able to learn without feeling ashamed or embarrassed that I didn’t know things or it took me longer to understand concepts. I want to continue building that outside the university setting.

Being a Rebel Means

I’m part of this community. Being in resistance, through my existence, and through the knowledge I share, I am constantly rebelling against the status quo and different forms of oppression we face.

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