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an EKG graph forms a man running
Business and Community | October 1, 2021
From professionals to weekend warriors, UNLV Health Sports Medicine Clinic gets active people back in game shape.
poster for "Season 2 POD 115 Las Eterellas"
Arts and Culture | September 30, 2021
Named one of the Top 20 Sci-Fi Podcasts of 2020, season two of POD115 returns with "Las Estrellas."
conductor in front of orchestra
Arts and Culture | September 30, 2021
This is the world premiere of "Children of Fatima," composed by music professor Anthony LaBounty.
woman posing outdoors
Business and Community | September 30, 2021
The associate dean of UNLV’s Boyd School of Law balances a variety of roles to serve the community and state.
man posing outdoors
Business and Community | September 30, 2021
UNLV’s Director of Service Learning and Leadership works to guide students in serving the community.
UNLV researcher Edwin Oh holds a pipette in his lab on campus.
Research | September 29, 2021
Local partnership grows to 20 states; monitoring begins in October with implications for future influenza vaccine development.
A man sits in a chair holding a menu
People | September 29, 2021
College of Liberal Arts Alumnus of the Year Josh Molina draws on his UNLV psych background in his role as a restaurateur.
MRI scan of a brain with Alzheimer's disease.
Research | September 28, 2021
Study, published this month in Communications Biology, reveals that chronic hyperglycemia impairs memory.
A man stares out of a hotel room window
Business and Community | September 28, 2021
Housekeeping robots and meltable bedsheets are no longer the stuff of sci-fi. Here's how UNLV and industry partners are helping to steady a shaken hospitality industry through innovative product development.
A woman smiles in a courtroom
People | September 28, 2021
William S. Boyd School of Law Alumna of the Year Brittnie Watkins started her career by sitting for the bar exam and defending her doctoral dissertation while six months pregnant, and hasn't slowed down since.
A close up of a man surrounded by stuffed animals
People | September 27, 2021
Nursing professor and mental health advocate talks about the importance of treating root causes of mental health instead of pushing patients through the system.
Research | September 24, 2021
Psychology professor Chris Kearney says refocusing on basic skills will help get schoolchildren get back on track.