young students in lab coats working on science projects
Campus News | June 8, 2023
Competition brings the state’s best and brightest STEM students to campus.
red UNLV school banner on campus
Arts and Culture | June 7, 2023
The coordinator of percussion studies and History of Rock ‘n’ Roll at UNLV since 2003 will begin his new position July 1.
Keith (left) and Kevin Noorda (right), third-year medical students.
People | June 7, 2023
Third-year medical students are set to be the first pair of twins to graduate from the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV.
collage of Chile travel photos
Campus News | June 6, 2023
UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience Program students learn about Chile's authoritarian political history and the impact on today's economy.
woman on beach with port in background
Campus News | June 6, 2023
UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience students come face-to-face with Chilean history.
man with glasses sits at table inside building
Campus News | June 5, 2023
Anthropology Ph.D. alumnus Daniel Perez helps UNLV undergraduates navigate their way to grad school through mentoring program.
photo illustration of woman in blazer next to higher education graphics
People | June 5, 2023
Living in Vegas was the furthest thing from this Midwesterner’s mind, but now her mission is to give UNLV donors the “white glove treatment.”
headshot of woman
Arts and Culture | June 1, 2023
Brandt is currently associate chair and artistic director of the department of theater and film at San Jose State University. 
woman poses with arms across chest outside
People | June 1, 2023
Adjoa Mensah's early talent for inventive lesson plans evolved into helping teachers find better ways to use technology.
collage with two images of mining town and two people posing on stairs
Campus News | May 31, 2023
UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience students learn the history of the Sewell mining town.
sign saying "Gaming & Risk Taking"
Campus News | May 31, 2023
UNLV gathers international experts to discuss emerging gaming industry issues, including the intersection of tourism, sports, and entertainment.
Courtney Thornton
People | May 30, 2023
After her sister's childhood cancer diagnosis, Courtney Thornton learned firsthand the importance of access to quality medical care.