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February 9, 2017
John Starkey (Business) will be speaking on behalf of UNLV Advising at the International National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Conference at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom in July. NACADA hosts one international conference every year and at this particular conference, Starkey will be speaking about advising's role...
February 9, 2017
Jennifer Bellor (Music) composed a piece, "Chase the Stars,"  that recently was awarded The American Prize in the orchestra category. Written for soprano, rapper, flute, bass clarinet, string quartet, percussion, electric guitar, electric bass, and drums, "Chase the Stars" was commissioned by ShoutHouse in 2015, and Bellor later recorded the piece...
February 8, 2017
Kai-Yu Ho, Szu-Ping Lee, and Catherine Turner (all Physical Therapy), along with physical therapy students Ryan Epstein, Ron Garcia, and Nicole Riley, co-authored “Effects of Patellofemoral Taping on Patellofemoral Joint Alignment and Contact Area During Weight Bearing,” which examined the effects of two taping approaches (Kinesio and McConnell)...
February 6, 2017
George Pales (Allied Health Sciences) received the “Life Member” honor from the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology. He is the ninth member in the organization’s 43-year history to earn this accolade.
February 3, 2017
Randall Shelden (Criminal Justice) recently completed his first novel, An Improbable Rise. It has been published as a Kindle e-book. 
February 3, 2017
Marcia Ditmyer (Dental Medicine) authored a chapter titled “Logic Modeling for Planning, Implementing, Evaluating, and Communicating Results From an Organizational Oral-Health Literacy Project“ that appears in the current issue of SAGE Research Methods Cases. The publication, which appeared online Jan. 27, provides cases for educators who teach...
February 2, 2017
David Dickens (Sociology) and co-author Tyler Schafer, a former sociology graduate student at UNLV, published an article in Qualitative Sociology Review titled, “Social Marking in Memory Entrepreneurship: The Battle Over Zapata’s Legacy.”
February 1, 2017
Susanna Newbury (Art) has published a lead essay in Incendiary Traces, the catalog accompanying an exhibition on view at the Pomona College Museum of Art through May 14. Her essay, "The Intimate Technology of Remote Vision," addresses the visual rhetoric of remote warfare from the work of the 18th and 19th century artist Francisco de Goya to that...
January 31, 2017
Janelle M. Evans (Film) is the author of a paper, "Understanding the Other, Without 'Othering': An Exploration of the Unique Qualities and Properties of Science Fiction (SF) as the Best Means for Exploring and Improving Social Inequity," which has been accepted for publication by Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism, an interdisciplinary...

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