Published: Tiffiany Howard and Marya Shegog

Tiffiany Howard (Political Science), Marya Shegog (Environmetal and Occupational Helath and Lincy Institute), and co-authors Mikayle Lowery and Dea'Jiane' McNair, former Congressional Black Caucus Foundation interns and graduates of UC San Diego and UC Berkley, respectively, have published a health policy report on the connection between health outcomes, income measures, and wealth indicators. Black Health and Black Wealth: Understanding the Intricate Linkages between Income, Health and Wealth for African Americans assesses key economic and health relationships, such as the negative impact food deserts have on the health of residents in underserved communities, how poor mental health affects income earnings and impedes wealth accumulation, and how the epigenetic transmission of poor health across generations also serves as a wealth-building obstacle. The report is published by the Center for Policy Analysis and Research, which analyzes current policies, evaluates policy impact, and disseminates policy-related information critical to the economic independence, quality education, and health equity of African Americans and the global black diaspora.

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