Presentation: Chelsea Heinbach, Brittany Paloma Fiedler, Francesca Marineo, Rosan Mitola, Cory Lampert, Marina Georgieva, Maggie Farrell, Starr Hoffman, Samantha Godbey Melissa Bowles-Terry, and Kaitlin Clinnin

Chelsea Heinbach, Brittany Paloma Fiedler,  Francesca Marineo, Rosan Mitola, Cory Lampert, Marina Georgieva, Maggie Farrell, Starr Hoffman, Samantha Godbey (all Libraries), Melissa Bowles-Terry (Libraries & Faculty Center), and Kaitlin Clinnin (English) all presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries 2019 Conference in Cleveland. 

Heinbach presented a paper, "The Librarian Parlor: Demystifying the research process through community," co-authored with Hailley Fargo, Charissa Powell, and Nimisha Bhat.

Heinbach and Fiedler were part of the panel discussion, "Transfer Student Success: Dismantling Deficit-Oriented Approaches," with Kevin Seeber, Allison Carr, and Megan Welsh. 

Bowles-Terry, Fiedler, Clinnin, and former UNLV librarian Erin Rinto co-presented the 3-hour workshop "Teaching Graduate Teaching Assistants to Teach Information Literacy: A Sustainable and Collaborative Approach.

Fiedler was a speaker on the panel "Situating the Self: Teacher-Librarian Narratives Within and Beyond Institutional Spaces" with Eamon Tewell, Nimisha Bhat, Michele Santamaria, and Rachel Gammons; and moderated the panel "Reclaiming Our Time: A Conversation with Tenure-Track Librarians of Color" with Treshani Perera, V. Dozier, Trevar Riley-Reid, and Kellee Warren.

Marineo presented the webcast "Empowering Students: A Motivational Approach to Instruction" and facilitated the roundtable "Motivating Students Beyond Google: From Theory to Practice."

Lampert and Georgieva presented a poster, "From Temporary to Transformative: Leveraging Externally-Funded Special Collections Projects as Organizational Learning and Development Opportunities."

Mitola presented the paper, "Creating an Outreach Story: Assessment Results, Strategic Planning, and Reflection," with Amy Wainwright from John Carroll University. 

Farrell was a panelist at "Breakfast Forum: Extraordinary times, a giant leap for librarians in the future of research," with Michael Levine-Clark, M.J. Tooey, Gemma Deakin, and Ann Gabriel. 

Hoffman and Godbey presented the poster, "Visualizing Libraries Over Time: Academic Library Data Analysis, 1996-2016."

Hoffman presented the workshop, "Creating an Assessment Plan & Data Inventory: Aligning & Managing Success Metrics," and was a panelist at "Academic Library Impact: New Research from ACRL Grant Recipients."

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