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Where Scholarly Research and Creative Activity Influence Global Change

The Department of English is committed to promoting literacy and the study of literary expression through effective teaching and mentoring; internationally recognized scholarly research and creative activity; community and professional engagement;and a dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Study English at UNLV

The English major offers a wide variety of transferable skills that are highly relevant and applicable in diverse industries and roles. Through the study of literature and the refinement of reading and writing abilities, individuals can cultivate exceptional analytical, critical thinking, and communication proficiencies.

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Bachelor of Arts in English

Our bachelor’s degree offers a range of courses in the English language and literature of Britain and the United States. The program also examines English-language traditions worldwide and world literature in English translation. Students are trained in composition, practical criticism, and critical theory to enable them to view literature as both an artistic medium and an intellectual discipline. They also develop their written and textual analysis skills to complement other academic studies, enhance their professional skills, and help them achieve their personal goals.

Available Concentrations
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Studies
  • Literature
  • Professional Writing
  • Writing and Rhetoric
Available Minors
  • Minors in English, Creative Writing, and Professional Writing
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Master of Arts in English

The master of arts in English degree builds on the student's undergraduate study in English to acquaint them with professional standards, research methods, and thought processes in the field. Students receive graduate-level coursework in both British and American literature or language studies and have the option to complete a written or oral comprehensive examination, as well as an optional thesis. Many of our graduates develop careers in secondary school; community teaching; and writing, publishing, and editing. The degree can also be a stepping stone for further study in English at the doctoral level.

Available Program Subplans
  • Advanced Bachelors-to-Masters
  • Literature
  • Writing and Rhetoric
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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

The master of fine arts (MFA) in creative writing program is a three-year course that helps aspiring writers develop the skills needed to write a book-length creative thesis in fiction, literary nonfiction, or poetry. The program also equips students with the techniques required to write at a publishable level in their chosen genre. Additionally, our strong global focus gives students practical knowledge of literary translation and publishing. Graduates of the program are prepared for careers in teaching at the university, college, or community college level, as well writing professions outside of academia.

Available Program Subplans
  • Fiction
  • Literary Nonfiction
  • Poetry
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Doctor of Philosophy in English

Our specialized Ph.D. program aims to develop students’ research, original thinking, and writing skills. It offers flexibility in choosing a career path, including teaching English at the college or university level, writing, editing, or publishing. The post-bachelor’s and post-master’s literature subplans focus on literary study, and the Creative Dissertation, offered in partnership with the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute, typically focuses on poetry, literary non-fiction, and cross-genre manuscripts.

Available Program Subplans
  • Post-Bachelor’s Literature
  • Post-Master’s Literature
  • Creative Dissertation
“As a Black Mountain Institute Fellow, I was able to do most of my strongest writing. I was fortunate to receive opportunities that have shaped my writerly journey and opened doors for networking and creative development. Due in no small part to the resources and support from UNLV's Creative Writing International Program, I feel prepared to take on the next phase of my career.”
Areej Quraishi, PhD Fiction, 2024

Our Partnership With the Black Mountain Institute

The Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute (BMI) integrates writers and their literary works into public life to make a significant impact on the community. This is achieved through various initiatives, such as hosting events, offering fellowships, publishing books, and providing opportunities for students to engage with writing.

In partnership with the English department, BMI is a catalyst for supporting writers and storytellers, fostering meaningful conversations and partnerships that promote artistic expression. These efforts are not limited to a specific area, but aim to connect writers and readers to enrich the cultural landscape across the Las Vegas Valley, Southwest, and beyond.

The UNLV Difference

Classified as "Very High Research," the highest status for research institutions
Top 10
Diverse Campuses in the Nation*
Our department supports four literary and creative journals
Our department offers seven internal scholarships

A Dynamic Scholarly Hub for Literary and Creative Journals

Our department is a dynamic and vibrant center of scholarly and creative discourse in the field of English studies. We proudly offer a diverse array of esteemed journals that provide a rich tapestry of perspectives and cover a range of topics in English literature, poetry, critical theory, and popular culture. Whether you are a seasoned scholar, graduate student, or aspiring academic, our curated collection offers invaluable insights and perspectives that are shaping the landscape of English studies.

English Department News and Stories

Our students and faculty are driven by a passion for impactful research and creative activity, unwavering commitment to high-quality teaching, and a deep sense of responsibility towards meaningful community engagement.


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