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Philosophy applies reasoning and rigorous argumentation to questions central to human life: What is ethical? What is just? What is art? What is knowledge? What is real?


Students in the philosophy department explore fundamental questions of human life by means of a rigorous study of contemporary philosophical theories and their historical sources. By engaging with these theories and their supporting arguments, students also hone their ability to analyze arguments critically — and to develop and present their own arguments.

The philosophy major provides the necessary preparation for post-graduate study in philosophy, but it also provides the robust background in critical thinking, writing, and ethical reasoning that serves as a solid foundation for a variety of careers, such as law, business, and education. Philosophy majors interested in careers in the law have the opportunity to enroll in our popular Law and Justice Concentration. Students can also earn credit in the COLA internship program. Another place they can earn credit is participating in our Philosophy for Children Program, working in local schools. Outside of class, students can socialize and discuss philosophical issues in the Philosophy Club or join the successful traveling Ethics Bowl team. They can also participate in a more formal discussion of philosophical topics by joining the Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honors society.

"The precision of language, the clarity of thought, approaching any situation with logic and reasoning - these are all things that were nurtured and developed with my professors through the Philosophy Department."

Azra Özdemir, ‘15

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Philosophy Faculty In The News

“Not only is philosophy an excellent choice as a major in general, but the faculty and staff at the UNLV department of philosophy engage with students and will take your education and professional development seriously.”

Stephen Sack, ‘18

The Department of Philosophy is one of the departments in the College of Liberal Arts.