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  • High-Tech Approach to Anatomy at the School of Medicine

    Anthropology graduate students, Claira Ralston and Alesha Pettit, learn how to use the new virtual anatomy tables at the UNLV School of Medicine. They will be assisting with the instruction of anatomy for first year medical students. 

  • UNLV Study Finds No Iron Benefit from Eating Placenta

    Professor of Anthropology, Dan Benyshek, and his former graduate students, Laura Gryder and Sharon Young, publish the first clinical study of its kind and find no benefit for women who eat their placenta as a source of needed iron after giving birth.

  • Skulls, Skeletons, and Shakespeare

    UNLV Anthropology Professor, Debra Martin, is highlighted in the most recent issue of Anthropology News, the bimonthly newsletter of the American Anthropological Association.

  • UNLV Anthropology

    UNLV Anthropology welcomes Professor Arlen Chase and Executive Vice President and Provost Diane Chase to the Department of Anthropology.

    Image: Caana, a 43 meter tall building complex at Caracol's center. Caracol, Belize

  • Jawbone Discovery

    Dr. Brian Villmoare and colleagues discover a 2.8 million year old jawbone of what may be the earliest human, providing important clues about the timeline of human evolution.


Welcome to the Department of Anthropology at UNLV! Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and we are part of the excitement! Our departmental faculty conduct interesting and exciting research in anthropology locally, nationally, and internationally. Much of our research is interdisciplinary, so if you attend UNLV, you will have an opportunity to gain experience in many different aspects of anthropology and will be trained to approach human behavior in cross-cultural, collaborative, and innovative ways.

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