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College of Fine Arts Advising

To chart your academic progress during your course of studies.

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The faculty and staff of the College of Fine Arts (CFA) would like to welcome you to UNLV. We would also like to encourage you to chart your academic progress during your course of studies here at UNLV by meeting with an advisor in the CFA Advising Center.

First year students in Architecture, Art, Dance, Film, Graphic Design, Music and Theatre are required to meet initially with an advisor in a group advising session to assist in class scheduling, discuss academic career goals and resources, map academic progress toward the undergraduate degree, and discuss other concerns you might have as a major or minor in the College of Fine Arts.

As students advance past the first year in their respective disciplines, they should meet with their academic advisor at least once each semester in an individual appointment. Each area of study has different requirements, as well as recommendations for electives. Departmental links provided here are for reference and do not substitute for meeting with an advisor.

Students are strongly encouraged to seek out a faculty mentor within their department and develop a mentor relationship. A faculty mentor can help guide students in their courses of study by recommending specific major classes or elective course work that will help develop creative expertise, or enhance and reinforce areas of study or skills needing improvement. A mentor can also assist in building professional networking connections, recommending internship opportunities, and providing letters of reference for graduate schools or professional employment opportunities.

CFA Advising Staff

Stacy Shapin, M.Ed.

A woman smiling.
Office: CDC-02
Phone: 702-895-2559

Kristie Berthelotte, M.B.A.

Assistant Director
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Office: CDC-02
Phone: 702-895-5305

Leann Karr, M.Ed., MA Ed. Admin.

Senior Advisor
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Office: CDC-02
Phone: 702-895-2455

Rochelle Walker, M. Ed.

Senior Academic Advisor
Woman Smiling
Office: CDC-02
Phone: 702-895-5366

Ryan Ziegler, B.A.

Senior Academic Advisor, First Year Programs
Ryan Ziegler
Phone: 702-895-5162

Jack Kelly, M.A.

Academic Advisor
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Office: CDC-02
Mail Code: 5086
Phone: 702-895-5291

Kimberly Miller, B.S.

RPC Coordinator
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Office: CDC-02
Mail Code: 5086
Phone: 702-895-4347

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College of Fine Arts Advising Center
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4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
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Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
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