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Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and International

The APIME and International communities at UNLV consist of Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and International students, faculty, and staff. These communities may experience unique challenges in the higher education setting. UNLV aims to support and affirm these identities by providing programs, services, and resources.

The term APIME stands for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern. The APIME community has a long-standing history with UNLV through its students and registered student organizations, faculty, and staff.

Roughly 18% of UNLV’s faculty and staff identify as Asian or Pacific Islander, and UNLV has over 16% of students who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. Unfortunately, UNLV does not track Middle Eastern identities separately within its enrollment and employment data, but given that there is a significant Middle Eastern presence both on campus and in the community, it is likely that the numbers for students, faculty, and staff are high. Additionally, the majority of international students and scholars who come to UNLV are from Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

As a whole, international students and scholars at UNLV hail from over 80 different countries. These students, faculty, and staff bring a wealth of knowledge and enrich our campus community academically and culturally.




  • The Office of Student Diversity Programs - The Office of Student Diversity & Social Justice (SDSJ) was created out of student demand for identity specific support. As such, several identity-based positions were created to serve UNLV’s traditionally underserved students through programs, initiatives, and services.
  • Jean Nidetch CARE Center - provides free and confidential support services to members of the UNLV community who have been impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence, and/or stalking.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services - provides a variety of services to help students address mental health concerns to make the most out of the college experience.
  • Involvement Center - a database to learn about the various student organizations on campus.
  • Las Vegas Asian American & Pacific Islander Oral History Project - Reflections: The Las Vegas Asian American & Pacific Islander Oral History Project is a three-year, $300,000 oral history project collecting stories from the Asian American & Pacific Islander communities in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.
  • The Asian, Pacific Islander, & Middle Eastern Faculty Staff Alliance (APIME-FSA) (formerly known as APAFSA) serves Asian, Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern faculty and staff. The APIME-FSA affinity group provides networking opportunities that build community through faculty-staff connections across campus. To receive updates on social events and meetings, please join the listserv by emailing