A group of students in the International program taking a photo together.


The Global Diversity Program Coordinator serves UNLV’s international student community. They are responsible for creating programs facilitating student workshops, and providing resources with the goal of affirming, educating, and empowering international students. The Program Coordinator is also responsible for advocating with and for international students needs.

Services & Programs

The following are key programs and services offered to UNLV students:


  • International Welcome Lunch
  • Scary Stories Around the World
  • Parade of Flags
  • International Education Week
  • International Student Trips


  • International Student Scholarship Database (Coming Soon)
  • The International Student Survival Guide (Coming Soon)
  • Pathways to US Residency & Citizenship Guide (Coming Soon)


There are many resources and services available for student success at UNLV and our local community. The following is a sampling of those resources:

On Campus