Welcome to the Division of Diversity Initiatives. This unit focuses on helping everyone in the UNLV family achieve our diversity mission, providing respect for differences and creating an environment that empowers everyone to succeed.

Vision Statement

The Division of Diversity Initiatives envisions UNLV as a university that recognizes that the pursuit of excellence is intertwined with a commitment to diversity in all aspects of university life. Through the cultivation of diversity, the division of Diversity Initiatives will lead efforts to institutionalize diversity as a fundamental transformative force that fosters excellence, academic, professional and personal growth. We will assist UNLV in realizing its full potential by empowering our community with a shared vision, understanding and acceptance of responsibility for diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to:

  • Institutionalizing diversity in all aspects of university life.
  • Fostering an inclusive environment and advocating for equity.
  • Creating a climate that respects individual differences.
  • Seeking success through collaboration.
  • Providing opportunities for community engagement.
  • Achieving integrity in our work through engaging in transparent processes and actions.
  • Demonstrating accountability through assessment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Diversity Initiatives is to promote an academically enriching and supportive culture that allows all members of our community to thrive and succeed. We will achieve our mission by collaborating with on and off campus stakeholders and change agents, intentionally designing a comprehensive, university-wide approach to diversity, and empowering students, faculty, and staff to build a diverse and inclusive campus community.