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Affirming and Empowering the American Indian and Alaska Native Community

American Indian and Alaska Native students, faculty, and staff add rich experiences and perspectives to the UNLV community. UNLV is committed to affirming and supporting Native American people.

American Indian/Alaska Native students, faculty, and staff may face challenges navigating higher education. UNLV provides programs, services, and resources to support Native communities.


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  • Student Diversity & Social Justice – the office of Student Diversity & Social Justice (SDSJ) was created out of student demand for identity specific support. As such, several identity-based positions were created to serve UNLV’s traditionally underserved students through programs, initiatives, and services.
  • Diversity trainings – peer educators are dedicated to leading presentations, training sessions, and workshops related to social justice and diversity.
  • Native American Student Association – NASA is an undergraduate student organization dedicated to Native students and its allies.
  • American Indian Alliance – faculty and staff alliance.
  • American Indian & Indigenous Studies Minor – the American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor focuses on the experiences of American Indian and indigenous people in the Americas from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, which includes anthropology, art, English, history, political science, sociology, and gender and sexuality studies.
  • American Indian Research and Education Center – conducts community based research, and promotes educational and research opportunities for American Indian/Alaska Native students.
  • Native American Alumni Club – promote an academic and social environment at UNLV that attracts, welcomes, and retains Native American students, faculty, and staff by recognizing the value of Native American people and their cultures.
  • Jean Nidetch CARE Center – provides free and confidential support services to members of the UNLV community who have been impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence, and/or stalking.
  • Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Health and Human Services – provides medical, dental, optical and behavioral health outpatient services to all North American Federally Recognized Native American Tribes.


In the News

Aug. 3, 2021

For more than 100 years, the U.S. government forcibly relocated tens of thousands of Native American children to boarding schools under a federal assimilation program meant to suppress their languages, beliefs and identities.

Jul. 26, 2021

Another mascot change in a professional sport.

Jul. 6, 2021

Native students at Nevada’s two land-grant universities feel they aren’t getting the support they need. But work is underway to change that.
Jun. 14, 2021

Tribal leaders and advocates are eyeing their communities’ futures with more hope after priority bills for Native leaders made it across the legislative finish line last week.