Erica Mosca, who founded the nonprofit Leaders in Training to mentor first-generation and low-income students through high school and college.


First to go to college is an honor held by many UNLV students, faculty, staff, and leaders at UNLV. We celebrate our first-generation family as they are an important part of the very fabric that is UNLV!

First-generation faculty and students face many of the same challenges including being unfamiliar with the new environment, difficulty accessing resources, and making networking connections for collaborative opportunities. The Intersection helps new faculty and students acclimate to our campus.


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UNLV First-Generation Essay Contest Winner Presentation


First-Gen Connect is a free conference for first-generation college students and their parents or guardians.

UNLV Groundbreakers Podcast: Breaking new ground and making our mark.

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Self-portrait of a young woman, repeated several times
Jan. 7, 2022

Keren Jean-Charles works through the university's Minority-Serving Institution Student Council to help other students thrive at UNLV.

woman with graphic of "First Generation Week" behind her
Nov. 8, 2021

New resource coordinator has a personal passion for assisting immigrant students.

woman writing a note
Sep. 14, 2021

Students in the Las Vegas Scholars Program find support, sense of belonging and success on campus

Kyle Catarata holding a folder
Jul. 15, 2021

Junior Kyle Catarata looks to create new opportunities for aspiring law students.

Simon in front of a row of books
Jul. 13, 2021

First-generation student Simon Lamsal traveled from Kathmandu, Nepal, to find his home as a UNLV student leader.

Portrait of James Cheng, the library data analyst for the UNLV Libraries
May. 10, 2021

The University Libraries data analyst is collecting data to improve services for students and faculty.

Mar. 24, 2021

Nontraditional student scholars benefit from re-entry scholarships.

A woman stands on the beach
Mar. 5, 2021

School of Medicine student Diane Han turns to the ER after an attentive doctor played a key role in her father's hour of need.

Portrait of Theresa Boucher is the 2020 Classified Employee of the Year recipient.
Jan. 27, 2021

Theresa Boucher, the top 2020 Classified Employee of the Year, keeps her dean's office running while mentoring first-gen students.