An FIE is a one-time lump sum payment available for employees who are hired into a continuing position (a position with no end date) and moving from a location at least 50 miles from their UNLV designated worksite.

Institutional funds must be used to pay an FIE. State funds cannot be used to pay an FIE. The amount of this payment and repayment terms must be specified in the employment offer letter. The payment amount cannot exceed 1/12 of the gross annual salary for the position unless approved by the president or senior vice president of Business Affairs. It does not include stipend earnings. This allowance is taxable income to the employee.

The employee will not be eligible for additional reimbursement for moving, relocation, house hunting, personal or family travel, or other expenses in connection with the beginning of employment.

The allowance will be paid within the first 90 days of employment. It may not be paid prior to the start of employment.

If the employee leaves employment voluntarily within the first twelve months, this allowance must be repaid in full prior to the issuance of the final paycheck. Units may specify additional repayment requirements.

Employees are only entitled to one FIE during the course of their employment with UNLV even if there has been a separation of service.

FIEs may not be used as “sign-on” bonuses or as any other hiring incentive.