Master of Arts - Communication Studies

The Department emphasizes two areas of study, Interpersonal Communication and Rhetorical Studies. Faculty research and expertise also focus on relational communication, media, political communication, research methods, health communication, and intercultural communication. Courses of study are designed for students with various career aspirations. Students may choose a more applied, professional path and the M.A. is a terminal degree. Alternatively, students with a stronger research orientation may choose to enter a Ph.D. program upon completing their M.A. degree. For either path, while at UNLV they work to acquire proficiency in critical analysis, social scientific and humanistic research methods, argumentation, and oral written presentation.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Master of Arts program, students should be able to:

  • Define communication in interpersonal and rhetorical contexts.
  • Analyze and evaluate messages and interaction in interpersonal and rhetorical settings.
  • Identify and discuss historical developments and key theories in interpersonal and rhetorical communication.
  • Recognize and explain self-reflexivity in rhetorical and interpersonal contexts.
  • Read critically and analyze productively published research articles.
  • Recognize and explain multiple perspectives in rhetorical and interpersonal communication theory.
  • Conduct original research in interpersonal and/or rhetorical communication at a level appropriate to capstone work in a graduate education.
  • Identify and assess features of ethical and unethical interpersonal and rhetorical communication.

Graduate Catalog

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