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UNLV Campus Community Garden

The UNLV Campus Community Garden is the place on campus to help create a sense of community, learning, and sustainability among students, faculty, and staff through the common goal of producing 100 percent organic, natural harvests.

How to Apply

Current UNLV students, organizations, departments and classes are eligible to apply for beds; applications will be accepted until beds are filled. We strongly encourage you to read the manual so you understand the terms and guidelines for being part of the UNLV Campus Community Garden.

If you have a group of at least 4 members with a Registered Student Organization (RSO), faculty/staff department, or class, you can get your own bed together. Please fill out the Apply Now form down below to apply. Feel free to mix and match staff and students in your bed!

If you are an individual looking to participate, we advise you to join the Rebel Roots Garden Club. This is a RSO that is run separately from the UNLV Campus Community Garden and are allotted about 4 beds to share. You can join through the Involvement Center page (make sure you are logged in through your ACE account).


The Community Garden is located right next to the Rebel Recycling Center. The entrance is by the Stan Fulton Building Parking Lot.

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  • 41 Raised beds
  • 100% organic soil
  • Program & curriculum opportunities
  • Composting
  • Community building


Sabina Malik, Tara Pike, and Stine Odegard

What's Happening

Executive Chef Mark Sandoval works with students in UNLV's community garden
Mar. 21, 2017

UNLV’s Campus Community Garden gets Hotel College students digging down to the root of sustainability, the environment, and what makes for the best veggies on your dinner plate.

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As we welcome new gardeners and welcome back our returning gardeners, we will host events to re-launch our community — times, dates and locations TBA. Check back for more info, or visit the UNLV Calendar once details are finalized.