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  • Making Cooperative Extension Work for Southern Nevada

    The Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West at UNLV are pleased to host a colloquium, exploring ways to rethink/reform County Cooperative Extension so that it is relevant to the modern metropolis that is the Las Vegas area. Research presentations will examine County Cooperative Extension from social, economic, and operational perspectives.

  • Save the Date! Nevada Statewide Mental Health Workforce Development Forum

    The Lincy Institute and the UNLV Mental and Behavioral Health Coalition is holding a statewide convening of various mental health workforce development stakeholders on October 7th in the Greenspun Hall Auditorium.

  • Nevada's Community Colleges: A Path Forward

    In partnership with CSN's Women's Alliance, The Lincy Institute at UNLV hosted a forum for the Las Vegas community on Nevada's Community Colleges: A Path Forward. The forum focused on college governance structures and identify policy recommendations to improve two-year college governance. 

  • Healthcare is a Priority

    The Lincy Institute is working with public and private partners to address access to healthcare services, examine cost improvements, and support healthy community initiatives. We hosted a forum on the economic value of a UNLV School of Medicine (SOM) featuring a presentation by Tripp Umbach and a discussion with community leaders. The return on investment data for a UNLV SOM was updated on March 4, 2015.

  • New Study on Foster Youth and the Use of Smartphones

    The social service sector conducted an implementation study of a smartphone service for foster youth involved in the federal demonstration project Determined, Responsible and Empowered Adolescents Mentoring Relationships (DREAMR).


The Lincy Institute is a research institute organized to conduct and support research that focuses on improving Nevada’s health, education, and social services. This research is used to build capacity for service providers and enhance efforts to draw state and federal money to the greater Las Vegas.

The Lincy Institute also highlights key issues that affect public policy and quality-of-life decisions on behalf of children, seniors, and families in Nevada.

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