Scholars from all five Brookings research areas — metropolitan policy, economic studies, governance studies, foreign policy, and global economy and development — will collectively spend 10 weeks in residence at UNLV each academic year.

During their visits, they will conduct research, deliver lectures, and meet with university faculty, students, and community leaders.

Public Lectures

Brookings Scholars visit UNLV to offer public lectures, engage with UNLV faculty and students on collaborative research, and meet local, regional, and state leaders in business, government, and social services. Each visiting scholar partners with 1-2 UNLV faculty liaisons and 1-2 graduate student liaisons to determine the appropriate content for the public lectures, schedule meetings with faculty and students, and interact with local, state, and regional leaders in greater Las Vegas. All public lectures are free and open to the community.

UNLV Faculty and Student Liaisons

UNLV faculty and graduates are encouraged to serve as liaisons for visiting Brookings Scholars. Liaisons assist in the development of the scholars' public lecture topics and schedule of meetings. This relationship provides a wonderful opportunity to explore potential teaching, research, and community service collaborations with Brookings Scholars.

Brookings Scholars and UNLV faculty and students are now engaged in a growing and significant body of collaborative research. Areas of research include economics, politics, health services, environmental studies, energy use and conservation, immigration, national security, and others.