Brookings Mountain West is a partnership between UNLV and the Washington, D.C.-based Brookings Institution. The purpose of Brookings Mountain West is to bring the Brookings tradition of high-quality, independent, and impactful research to the issues facing the dynamic and fast-growing Intermountain West region. Building upon work at Brookings and UNLV, our community engagement and research initiatives focus on helping metropolitan areas like Las Vegas grow in robust, inclusive, and sustainable ways. Brookings Mountain West provides a platform to bring ideas and expertise together to enhance public policy discussions at the local, state, and regional level.

Goals and Objectives

Brookings Mountain West, through the research, teaching, and community service efforts of Brookings Scholars and UNLV faculty and students:

  • Creates high-quality, independent, impactful programs, publications, and activities that address issues of critical importance to the Intermountain West region.
  • Serves as a platform on which to bring ideas and expertise together and on which to weave together narrower local, metropolitan, and state discussions about the West’s future.
  • Seeks to enhance local, regional, and state research and public policy discussions.