Main Contact Information

Mailing Address

Brookings Mountain West
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 3067
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154


Campus Location

UNLV-Based Staff

David Damore, Ph.D.

Executive Director
updated david damore photo
Office: GUA 2112
Mail Code: 3067
Phone: 702-895-0094

William E. Brown Jr.

UNLV Director
William Brown headshot
Office: GUA 2109
Phone: 702-895-0091

Ashley LeClair

Communications Specialist
A woman smiling
Office: GUA 2108
Phone: 702-895-0090

Kristian Thymianos

Coordinator, The Data Hub
Kristian Thymianos photo
Phone: 702-895-0088

Caitlin J. Saladino, Ph.D.

Director of Strategic Development & Operations
Catlin Saladino's Portrait
Phone: 702-895-0093

Student Workers and Graduate Assistants

Zachary Billot

Student Researcher
Zachary Billot's Portrait

Isabelle Graham

Student Researcher
photo of isabelle graham

Mohit Pande

Student Researcher
Photo of Mohit Pande

Maryam Raja

Student Researcher
Maryam Raja photo

Annie Vong

Student Researcher
updated annie vong photo