a group of people in a canyon uncovering something

Assistant Professor Gabriela Oré Menéndez

Expertise: Andean archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Queer theory, Digital Humanities

Training Available: geographical information sciences applied to archaeology and anthropology, remote sensing and image analysis, data analysis and data curation for social sciences.

Field Research: Programa Arqueológico y Ethnohistórico Huarochirí (Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Program Huarochirí), Lima, Peru. Programa Arqueológico Costas de Arequipa (Coast of Arequipa Archaeological Program), Islay, Arequipa, Peru

Professor Barbara Roth

Expertise: Southwestern archaeology (Mimbres Mogollon), Mojave Desert archaeology, Hunter-gatherers, Household archaeology, Lithic technology, Gender

Training Available: Lithic analysis, land use studies, field methods

Field Research: Mimbres Valley sites - Harris (pithouse village), Elk Ridge (pueblo) Mojave Desert Sites - Stump Springs (Pahrump Valley), Valley of Fire

Students studying a human skeleton

Associate Professor Jennifer Byrnes

Expertise: Bioarchaeology, Disability Theory, Forensic Anthropology

Training Available: Human osteology, forensic anthropology methods

Field Research: Erie County Poorhouse (NY) and Clark County (NV) Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner (CCOCME).

Associate Professor Brian Villmoare

Expertise: paleoanthropology, evolutionary anatomy, evolutionary theory, systematics

Training Available: hominin and primate evolution, evolutionary anatomy, taxonomy, systematics, quantitative analysis, geometric morphometrics

Field Research: Ledi-Geraru Research Project, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Two men

Assistant Professor Nicholas Barron

Expertise: historical anthropology, history of anthropology, imperialism, colonialism, liberalism, the politics of recognition, Indigenous politics, Native North American, US Southwest

Training Available: archival research, ethnography

Field/Archival Research: Northern California, Southern Arizona

Professor William Jankowiak

Expertise: urban anthropology, psychological anthropology, romantic love, marriage, family systems, Mormon fundamentalist polygamy,

Training Available: qualitative ethnographic methods, cross-cultural comparisons/analysis, eHRAF.

Field Research: USA, China, Inner Mongolia

Assistant Professor Iván Sandoval-Cervantes

Expertise: Cultural Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Legal Anthropology, Migration and Borders, Indigeneity, Multispecies Ethnography, Social Movements, Mexico, Latin America, Latinx Communities in the U.S.

Training Available: Ethnography, Qualitative Research

Field Research: Ciudad Juarez-El Paso (Mexico/U:S. Borderlands), Puebla-Tlaxcala Region (Central Mexico).

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