Headshot of Barbara Roth

Barbara Roth



Barbara Roth's research focuses on hunter-gatherer adaptations to arid environments and the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. She is especially interested in hunter-gatherer land use and has studied this in the Sonoran Desert and more recently in the Mojave Desert.

Roth's current research addresses what happens to households as groups adopt agriculture, shifting both their settlement and subsistence practices. For the past 10 years, she has been excavating at pit-house period (A.D. 200–1000) sites in the Mimbres Mogollon region of Southwestern New Mexico to explore this issue. Her most recent research has been at the Harris Site, a large pit-house site in the Mimbres River Valley.


Ph.D. : University of Arizona, 1989

Expert Areas

Southwestern pit-house occupations, archaeology of hunter-gatherers, the transition from foraging to farming, lithic technology, gender studies, prehistoric household organization, American Southwest, Mojave Desert