Friends of World Anthropology are UNLV anthropology alumni, community members from Las Vegas and nationwide, and UNLV faculty, staff, and students who support the excellent research, publication, and teaching being done by the Department of Anthropology.

Friends of World Anthropology brings anthropology in all its forms to the Southern Nevada community through its financial and volunteer support. A strong, vibrant and continuing relationship between the greater Las Vegas community and UNLV is nurtured and facilitated through the shared interests in and love of anthropology.

By donating to Friends of World Anthropology, you become part of the long tradition of supporting world-renowned scholars and speakers at UNLV. Donors regularly meet with professors for tours of laboratories on campus and attend special events and dinners with local and visiting scholars.

Contributions to Friends of World Anthropology support merit-based stipends for research, travel, and presentations at meetings by the very active group of Anthropology graduate students at UNLV.

The Friends of World Anthropology was created in 2011 to raise community awareness of the work being done worldwide by the faculty and students of the UNLV Anthropology Department, and to raise funds for support of graduate student travel, research, and presentations. All donated funds are managed through the UNLV Foundation.

For more information, contact Barbara Roth, Chair of the Department of Anthropology, at 702-895-3590.

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