The following instructions are meant to be a step-by-step guide to aid prospective donors for giving monetary gifts to the Anthropology department and/or scholarships provided by our department.

For a full guide please visit the Giving Guide created by UNLV. This guide is the official page for providing information for those who wish to donate to the university and any affiliated department. In addition, this guide provides instructions for donating other types of gifts that are not only monetary (for example, securities, properties, etc).

Step 1

Visit the College of Liberal Arts donation page. All donations to our department are managed by the college and later distributed to our department by them.

Step 2

After opening the page you will be redirected to the College of Liberal Arts donation page. The first box will allow you to enter the total amount you wish to donate to the department.

Step 3

To donate to the department, go to “View all giving opportunities…” This will open a pop-up window where donors will find two options:

  1. The Anthropology Department
  2. Dr. C. Todd White Scholarship Endowment
Screenshot of make a gift donation section

Donating to the Anthropology Department (directly) will allow the department to redistribute funds to the other departmental scholarships available for students (Friends of World Anthropology, Angela Peterson Memorial Scholarship, Edward & Olswang Grant, and the Patricia A. Rocchio Memorial Scholarship), hosting events for students (open houses, graduate social networks, etc), and making funding available for lab equipment (all available to students) to conduct successful research.

Step 4a

A designation location should appear confirming where you want your gift to go. If you selected more than one option, you can distribute the funds in any particular way. For example, if you are donating a total of $100 and you selected to donate to both the department and the Dr. C. Todd White scholarship you can break the total gift into $75/$25, $50/$50, etc.

Step 4b

Select the frequency of your gift.

  • Give now – is a one-time donation
  • Schedule payments – a limited number (between 2 to 60) of recurring gifts can be set up here. This option allows you to set up how often you wish to donate (monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and yearly), and whether the donations should be distributed on the 1st or the 15th of the month. You can set up notifications reminding you of the donation before your payment method is charged.
  • Sustaining Gift – You can make your gifts a permanent contribution. Here you can indicate when (1st or 15th of the month) and how often (monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and yearly) you wish to donate. This section also allows you to set up advance notifications.
Donor Information Screenshot

Step 5

The last (required) section asks for your personal information (full name, email, and type of gift)

Step 6

The following sections are optional and can be left blank unless it’s pertinent to your donation. If none of the options below are applicable to you, please go to Step 7.

Otherwise, you can click on the down pointing arrow at the end of the grey box to expand any of the sections.

  • Dedicating a gift – If you are donating in memory or in honor to a person you can fill out this section with the corresponding information.
  • Employer match – If your gift is part of a corporate donation or your employer has a sponsor match program you can search your employer’s company. Please note, if you cannot find your employer here, the company may not have a matching program.
  • Joint Gift – If you and your spouse are donating to the program you can fill out this section with your spouse’s information. Or, if you are donating on behalf of your spouse, you can add your personal information in this section.
  • Gift Instructions – If you have any specific instructions for your gift please indicate them here.
  • Anonymous Gift – If you wish your donation to remain anonymous please check this box.

Step 7

Select the Next button to move to the “About you” page

FAQ screenshot

Step 8

The next page, “About you,” will ask for the remainder of your personal information

  • Donor Info: Full name (automatically populates from the previous page, and your association with the school (parent, alumni, etc).
  • Your contact information: address, phone number (not required), and email.

Step 9

Select “Save and Continue” to advance to the next page.

Step 10

The “Billing” section will ask for the credit/debit card information for which the donation will be processed from.

Step 11

Select “Next” to review your donation.

Step 12

This last page, “Review,” will ask you to review your donation form. Please double check that all information is correct.

Step 13

If everything seems correct select “Submit” and you should be redirected to a confirmation page.

Thank you for your support!