Gabriela Ore Menendez's headshot

Gabriela Oré Menéndez

Assistant Professor



Gabriela is a Peruvian archaeologist specializing in satellite remote sensing and spatial analysis technology applied to archaeology and anthropology. She completed her dissertation at Vanderbilt University in 2022, and her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Mellon Digital Humanities Fellowship at Vanderbilt. She was also the inaugural speaker in the Rising Scholars series at the Society for American Archaeology.

Her research focuses on decolonizing methodologies, digital humanities, and Andean Archaeology. Currently she’s exploring the transformation and reclamation of productive landscapes by displaced Indigenous communities during the colonial and early republican periods in Peru. Her work intersects the large-scale potential of new digital and remote sensing technologies with the histories of people facing processes of political transformation, and at the same time, engages Andean studies with growing scholarship on historical ecology and landscape inequalities.

Gabriela’s second line of scholarly pursuits connects Queer Theory with Anthropological and Archaeological Scholarship. As an active member of the Queer Archaeology Interest Group and an editor of, Gabriela is committed to developing an intersectional, multivocal and global queerization of academics, incorporating binary-breaking research topics and research development. She has engaged in several talks on the topic, which can be found on her website.