Visit the admissions site to find out how to become a student. While following the steps to apply, do not forget to submit your military documents, especially your DD-214. If you have Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), SMART, and/or AART transcripts, please submit those as well. AART transcripts can be submitted electronically.

VA Education Benefit Certification Forms & Information

MVSC VA Certifying Officials process all UNLV VA education benefits. Below are the most commonly used links and information.

Please reference the user guides below for instructions on requesting your benefit certification directly through MyUNLV:

  • Certification Request - New Entry
    For each semester you wish to use VA education benefits, you must request certification and this guide will help you through the process. NOTE: you must be enrolled in at least one class before you can initiate your electronic certification request.
  • Certification Request - Add Class(es) and/or Major
    Should your enrollment change after your initial certification request, follow these steps to ensure we are alerted and can update your file accordingly.
  • Certification Request - Update Entry
    For use if you need to provide us with corrected/additional information or documents.
  • Certification Request - Status Check
    You now have easy visibility as to the status of your certification request!  We encourage you to track yourself through the process, especially for the instance where we may need a response from you to complete your certification.
  • Post-9/11 Stipend Chart
    Reference this chart for an estimate of the book and housing stipends you may anticipate receiving based on certified enrollment
  • Summer Enrollment Information
    This handy guide can assist you in determining your course load according to your benefit use preference.
  • Parent Letter for Concurrent Enrollment
    Attending classes at two different schools at the same time is called concurrent enrollment. Use this form to have this type of enrollment authorized by the VA. Complete the form, have it signed by your academic advisor, and turn it in to the UNLV certifying official.
  • Leave of Absence for Involuntary Deployment
    If you’ve received orders to active duty/deployment, communicate with each of your instructors to determine your best option for currently enrolled classes (as applicable). Then, complete this form and forward to the MVSC.
  • Reinstatement After Involuntary Deployment
    If returning from orders/deployment, this form will be instrumental in assisting you with your return to UNLV. Please complete and forward to the MVSC.

Disability Resource Center

Visit the Disability Resource Center's website to find out how to access disability support services.

Returning Students

If you have previously attended UNLV, review the returning student policy to determine your status and learn how to return to the university.

Feedback Form

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