Step 1

Visit the Military and Veteran Services Center, SSC-A, Rm 311, to receive updates on procedure and any paperwork. (And, also, a big welcome home!)

Step 2

Complete UNLV application for admission online. The application fee is waived for veterans and military members returning to UNLV from a deployment.

Step 2A

Verify your residency status by visiting the Military and Veteran Services Center. If your account went inactive while you were away, your residency will default to nonresident. Complete the Residency Application to correct this status.

Step 3

Submit transcripts. If you have completed any classes with another institution while deployed, you’ll need to be sure we’ve got updated records. Transcripts already on file need not be resubmitted.

Step 4

Meet with an academic advisor to plan the next semester and review graduation requirements.

Step 5

Reactivate your VA Education Benefits by turning in a Semester Enrollment Form for your new classes.

Step 6

Check your UNLV email and log in to your MyUNLV account to check the status of your application and be notified of any materials missing from your application or VA Education Benefits paperwork.

*Special Note: If you did not withdraw from classes before you departed for deployment, you may petition the Faculty Senate for a retroactive withdrawal upon return. In order to do so, file a petition with the Faculty Senate signed by your academic advisor, department chair, and dean. Include a copy of your deployment orders and justification for not requesting the withdrawal before your departure. If you are requesting a refund of your tuition, indicate that on the petition, also. Turn in your petition and supporting paperwork to the Military and Veteran Services Center for routing to Faculty Senate.