UNLV Resources

  • Connect with other veterans, active duty members, and families through the Alliance of Non-Traditional Students (ANTS), a student organization focused on advocacy and support of the nontraditional students of UNLV. Veterans and military families are an important part of this group.

  • The Academic Success Center (ASC) is responsible for advising all undeclared majors at UNLV. The ASC also provides undergraduate tutoring (some free of charge), peer mentoring (to get those study skills ready to go again), and other guidance services. If you find yourself struggling in your first few semesters back at school, stop in an see what the ASC can do to help.

  • UNLV currently has 11 academic advising centers on campus each with their own unique approach to working with their majors. As a UNLV student, scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor is required for new students and highly recommended for transfer students. Establishing a relationship with an academic advisor ensures that you are meeting your specific degree requirements and accomplishing your personal academic goals.

  • Getting your degree finished in a timely manner is important, but that timeline also has to fit into the rest of your life's obligations. Get a jump-start on planning by taking a look at the calendar.

  • The road to a college degree isn’t always a straight line from start to graduation. UNLV is dedicated to providing guidance, support, and resources to enhance the educational experience from orientation to graduation, and that is especially true for students who may identify as an adult learner. UNLV strives to foster an environment of scholarship and service, where students feel that they belong to a community, no matter the path that led you to become a Rebel.

  • VA Education Benefits or tuition assistance not enough to cover the bills while you're going to school? Career Services keeps a listing of job openings, on and off campus, tailored to UNLV students. As soon as you've been admitted to the university, you can use your L-number to begin browsing for jobs. Career Services also offers a number of career counseling and resume review services for students - a great support for translating your old career to your new one.

  • The UNLV Office at Nellis Air Force Base is part of the broader UNLV initiative to provide higher education courses and services to active duty military personnel and veterans in Southern Nevada.

  • Admitted students enrolled in six or more credits are eligible for student health insurance plans through the Student Health Center. A number of services are available at the center including vaccinations, routine exams, specialty care, and on-site lab testing. Student Health Services offers a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain your health as a student.

  • As a current or former military member, you know that every organization has its own set of rules and that playing by them is the key to an individual's success. UNLV is no different. As you get to know UNLV, get to know the Student Conduct Code to better understand the expectations the university has of its students.

  • The year-round UNLV Food Pantry provides non-perishable items to university students, staff, and faculty who need additional food.

Community Resources

  • With offices all over the state of Nevada, the Nevada Office of Veterans Services is a melding of all VA services for the region. Take some time to get to know what's available to you and to get involved in the veterans' community.

  • The central hub of all VA health services for southern Nevada, this website gives insight into the many resources veterans have available. Spend some time clicking around and getting to know your resources for healthcare and a myriad other support organizations.

  • Las Vegas is host to Nellis Air Force Base, home of the USAF Thunderbirds and the USAF Weapons School. An elite flying organization, Nellis is the permanent duty station of approximately 12,000 military and civilian personnel and is one of the largest single employers in southern Nevada. Nellis is a key connection to the Department of Defense in Las Vegas for active duty and retiree members and families.

  • More women have served in the military since Sept. 11 than ever before and the VA is beginning to recognize the unique needs of this group of veterans. The Women Veterans Health Program is designed to provide support and outreach for our nation's heroines.

  • Looking for more extensive support nationwide? Check out the National Resource Directory for referrals and education on a variety of veteran & military family related topics.

  • If the challenges of military service or transition from military to civilian life leave you feeling like you need to talk to someone, please reach out and ask for that support. UNLV offers counseling for all students, faculty and staff at CAPS, but family members need support also. The providers with the Give an Hour program provide their services free of charge. Visit their website to learn more.

  • It’s often said that the military family serves just as much as the military member does. For military kids, the challenges of having a parent (or two!) deployed can be overwhelming. Operation Military Kids offers these special kiddos an opportunity to hang out with other kids in the same situation and build resiliency skills at the same time.