Veterans' Benefits Forms

Before turning in either the Semester Enrollment Form or the Concurrent Enrollment Form, it must be signed by an academic advisor. It should be turned in with a copy of your up-to-date degree sheet. All transferred and completed credits should be listed on the degree sheet.

  • Each semester you want to be certified for classes, you must complete this form. If you make any changes to your schedule, either prior to the start of the semester or during the semester, you must complete a new form. If you are only dropping a class, the form does not need to be signed by an Academic Advisor. If you drop a class and add a new class or just add a new class, the form does need a signature.

  • Complete this form if you would like to combine your credit hour enrollment between two schools. If you are taking degree applicable classes at another institution, you will need to complete this form. The form needs to be signed by your UNLV academic advisor. The completed form should be filed with the UNLV VA Certifying Official.

  • Application for VA Education Benefits. 

  • Application for Family Member to use Transferred Benefits. 

  • Request for Change of Program or Place of Training. 

  • Application for Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance. 

  • Request for Change of Program or Place of Training Survivors' & Dependents’ Educational Assistance.